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Legal Fight Continues in Train Crash in Çorlu

Families of the victims of the train disaster in Tekirdağ Çorlu, in which 25 of our citizens lost their lives and 340 of our citizens were injured, continue their search for justice. Reacting to the decision of the prosecutor's office not to prosecute some of those responsible, [more…]

address in bicycle sport will be Sakarya
41 Kocaeli

Address: Sakarya Olacak

Sunflower Bicycle Valley hosted the 55th stage of the 6th Presidential Bicycle Tour of Turkey. Making evaluations about the races, President Ekrem Yüce said, “It is the most comprehensive race organized in our country. [more…]

The first railway line where Made in Turkey
34 Istanbul

Railway Transport in the Ottoman Empire

Railway method (policy) in the Ottoman Empire is the political thoughts of the Ottoman administrators within the borders of the Ottoman Empire. Road construction method Road construction methods in the Ottoman Empire were used only for military purposes for a long time. [more…]