btso turk hosts german trade days
16 Bursa

BTSO Hosts Turkish-German Trade Days

17 of Turkish-German Trade Days was hosted by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO). The meeting was attended by Turkish and German business people as well as representatives of investment agencies and public institutions. [more…]

Istanbul airport began to pay toll parking
34 Istanbul

Paid Parking Period in Istanbul Airport

Parking at Istanbul Airport will be chargeable as of today. 29 After the official opening in October, the operator İGA, which did not charge for parking, announced that the parking lot will be free until April. From today to the paid period [more…]

railroad tracks in Thrace area
59 Tekirdag

Trains in Trakya

A year has passed since the train accident in Çorlu. However, the railways in the Thrace region are still dangerous. Lack of screws securing rails to sleepers in Muratlı district of Tekirdağ new [more…]

transportation from Istanbul to Istanbul airport
34 Istanbul

Arrival of two districts to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport 6 has moved to full capacity on Friday after the relocation in April, and serious problems have been experienced in some districts in terms of transportation to the airport. According to the news in AirTürkHaber; Ina Not yet accessible to the airport [more…]

dirins are making a train wagon a day
35 Izmir

Dirinler Making a Train Car in a Day

Dirinler, which has been manufacturing machine tools and presses since 1952 in İzmir, has signed a double revolution in the rail system with the Drinns brand. 30 from the Underground Lathe, which reduces the day-to-day process to 10 minutes [more…]