turkey signature to water rail
249 Republic of Sudan

Signature in Sudan Railway Line to Turkey

In Turkey Rail operating in the systems domain raysimaş General Manager of Baran Mustache, will allow the port connections in Sudan of Salloum-Suwakin-sheikibrah I railroad feasibility studies, said they received the design and construction consultancy business, signing of the contract the [more…]

future motocross champions chosen
03 Afyonkarahisar

Future's Motocross Champions

World Motocross Championship hosts Afyonkarahisar Motor Sports Circuit this time will be held Turkey Motorcycle Federation and Ugur motor vehicles for the first time cooperation with "CF Moto 250 Cup" to choose [more…]

Thyyi Istanbul Airport
34 Istanbul

Arkas Logistics Carries THY to Istanbul Airport

Arkas Logistics, which carries out the transportation of THY's large ground equipment to Istanbul Airport in 5 hours with more than 45 thousand trucks, took advantage of the container transportation that comes from the maritime culture in the project. Arkas Logistics owns approximately 500 [more…]

Honda also stops the turkey Productions
41 Kocaeli

Turkey Production of the 2021 Honda Stops

Honda Turkey AŞ announced that it will terminate its automobile production operation in Turkey following the completion of the production of the current Civic Sedan model in 2021. In a written statement, the company said that the decision in question is related to the electrification field in the global automotive industry. [more…]

istanbul airport subway will be urgent
34 Istanbul

When will Istanbul Airport Metro be opened?

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan answered questions about Istanbul Airport on CNN Turk. Turhan stated that as of 10.00:97 yesterday, XNUMX percent of the relocation process was completed regarding the relocation to Istanbul Airport. [more…]