Electric Vehicles Passed the Test in Istanbul!

electric vehicles test in istanbul
electric vehicles test in istanbul

The Electric and Hybrid Driving Week event, organized for the first time in Istanbul, was closed with the final rounds held at 21 April. 1500's 20 has been tested by 2 for more than a hundred electric and hybrid vehicles, with zero emissions and zero noise. The most popular vehicle in the test drive with the mileage of Istanbul, Xnumx times Tesla was once tour.

Turkey Association of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (TEHAD) declared by the initiative, started with the support of the giant automobile company and April 20 Electric and Hybrid Driving Week, Istanbul celebrated with a special outdoor event held in Gokturk. The event, which lasted for two days, featured important brands in the automobile sector and visitors from the 1500. The 20 electric and hybrid vehicles from BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Renault, Tesla, Toyota, etc. were tested by the users during the two-day event. In addition to the vehicles with different features in the event, innovative charging stations which are called micro grid application and which enable the energy of the vehicles by converting their energy from the sun to the electricity by means of panels were introduced. At the Kemer Country Club Forest House in Göktürk, activity in the nature with zero emissions and zero noise was also the quietest driving event with more cars than 20.

Tesla touring Istanbul 5 times

One of the most attention from the models who participated in the Electric and Hybrid Drives Model 3 Week was also coming to Europe's best-selling electric vehicle to be regarded as a test of Tesla for the first time in Turkey. Automobile enthusiasts created long queues to test the Tesla Model 3. Users gave Tesla full points with their tests. 5 pieces of different models were joined by Tesla vehicle and the test runs continued for more than two days. car of the year in Europe in 2 selected Jaguar II-Pace of the year in Turkey in 1000 with car title Toyota Corolla Hybrid models also became vehicles showed great interest in the automobile user.

Users wonder about the range and charging characteristics of vehicles

Indicating that the event provides a good opportunity for automobile users to experience electric and hybrid vehicles, TEHAD President Berkan Bayram said he was pleased with the interest shown in electric and hybrid vehicles. Over the 2 daily event period, 1500 visited the event by more than 55 and more members of the press, Berkan Bayram said; "Electric and Hybrid Drives performed for the first time in Turkey Week, the interest shown by the car enthusiasts was quite pleased with us. Users who have not yet been introduced to electric and hybrid vehicles have had the opportunity to test and get information from the car giants for the first time. Now, as we all know, diesel engines are in their last years. After a short time, diesel engines will be replaced by fully electric and hybrid vehicles. Therefore, the users who are aware of this are already asking the question ”what model should I take? Dolayısıyla. Especially in electric vehicles, the question that everyone is curious about is how much range it has and how many hours it can be charged. Many questions about the developments in battery technologies, the number of charging stations, how the vehicles were charged and our users were able to find answers and experience in the event we organized. The vehicles that could travel on 400 km with full charge and could only go 6 km for 100 were the center of attention of everyone. However, the practicality of the vehicles and the ability to offer a pleasant ride has gathered the most appreciation of female users.

It was the quietest event with more than 20 vehicles

Performance of brands and models such as BMW i3s, Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Toyota C-HR Hybrid, Renault Zoe and Lexus RX450h with more than one vehicle. and it was the most quiet activity. Berkan Bayram stated that electric and hybrid vehicles are zero carbon emission and zero noise technologies. They said ız We performed our activity in Kemerburgaz in order to show that our vehicles can provide transportation in nature but without harming the nature. Electrical and non-hybrid vehicles of the participants were not taken into the activity area. We met our visitors at a certain distance with our electric vehicles and brought them to the field of activity again with only electric and hybrid vehicles. We did not forget our little ones here and we organized educational events for them to have fun moments in the workshop. Our organization was an event that appealed to everyone. We plan to take this step forward next year so that the Electric and Hybrid Driving Week can be celebrated each year in the 20 week of April. With the support of leading brands in the sector in Turkey and awareness of electric hybrid vehicles, we aim to further increase. "He said.

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