Accident Arrangement of the Speed ​​of Ankara-Sincan Trains


9 person lost his life in Ankara 3 day after the train crash TCDD High Speed ​​Trains reorganized the functioning of traffic appeared. With the order issued by TCDD, the maximum speed of trains in the area between Ankara and Sincan, operated without signaling, will be 50 kilometers. The lawyers of the suspects detained after the accident, the maximum speed of the signaling-free zone 50 93 accident should be involved in the accident that the XHT XNUMX went away.

According to the news of SÖZCÜ'dan Asuman ARANCA 16 in December, published by the signature of the regional director Duran Yaman, the need for new regulations said. 9 YLTs, whose roads have been changed with the announcement in December, will be dispatched only by the means allocated to them as before.

In the article, after the accident, the maximum speed of 50 km / h in the signal-free zone, the signaling system in the region after the Xinjiang 160 km / hour speed was specified. It was also noted that the traffic on the lines would be carried out by the traffic controller and the officers would not take part in these operations. Sinan Y, the lawyer who was arrested, his lawyer Mehmet Ektaş said, uk In the new order, the clerk was completely removed from the process related to the transportation of trains and no role was defined. These orders are confessions, Bu he said.


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