After IZBAN, Strike is at the Door in Izmir Metro

after the trail izmir subway in izmir
after the trail izmir subway in izmir

Railway Subcontractors' Trade Union, which left the decision to strike the Alsancak Station the previous day, failed to reach a consensus on the negotiations with the Izmir Metro.

Hüseyin Ervüz, the Head of the Izmir Branch of the Turkish Railways-İş Trade Union, made a statement on the process in İzmir Metro that carries an average of 500 thousand passengers every day. we want to know that we will take the decision, kar he said.


Ervüz, said: üy 450 is continuing on behalf of 8 close to the employer of Demiryol-İş Union and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İzmir Metro AŞ. In the period collective bargaining agreement, the process of daily interview with 60 is over. In the meantime, due to the differences between the demands and the fees offered in wages and fees, no compromise could be reached. Bu

Ervüz, said: kâr We do not want half of the profits of the Izmir metro. We want the rights of our workers as workers' representatives. Metro and tram employees have accumulated problems. Our 4 member is working at a net fee of 3.950 TL in an environment where inflation is booming and a family of 149 needs at least 1.738 TL without any social spending. Our 102 member is paying 1.837 TL. In these conditions, it is not difficult to guess that our drivers who use tram in İzmir traffic are on their way but their mind is not on the road. Metro employees are proud to serve the people of Izmir. We believe that this pride, reflected in the employer, is our most natural right to expect that our remuneration is reflected in our wages.

SAKAL will not break

Even though our draft contract, which was prepared before the crisis in our country, was accepted as it is, the last time 6 remained low against the monthly inflation, the employer offered an annual 10 raise. Metro employees were very disappointed. 2 has not increased the side payments over the years, while the 41 is a loss, the employer has offered to raise the 25 percent to the side payments.

Our requests are signed by the metro employee close to 450. In order to be able to express this, we are launching our protest in Izmir Metro from today on until we get the appropriate hike offer we started at İZBAN. Ifade

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