İZBAN Employee Wants Erdoğan's Salary to Rate

izban iscisi erdoganin maasina at the rate of interest
izban iscisi erdoganin maasina at the rate of interest

The workers who do not accept 14 hike on the percentage want to raise a percentage of 26.

Workers in İZBAN, where the decision to strike was hanged, stated that they would not accept the 14 imposition on the percentage of inflation under inflation, and expressed that they want a rate increase of 10 percent in the salary of President Erdoğan.

TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality partner company İZBAN 4. period collective bargaining negotiations blocked the workplace, organized by the Turkish-Is-affiliated Rail-Work Union trade-union strike decision. If the agreement is not achieved, workers will strike 22 in December and the voyages in İZBAN will stop again. İZBAN workers, who stated that they received the lowest wages on the railway network, do not accept the offer of the administration under inflation. The workers say they are committed to a strike if the 28 fee hike, the 112 daily bonus, driving and shift compensation demands are not accepted.


Chief Operating Officer Ahmet Güler, Chief Operating Officer, said that there is a melting rate of 22 in their wages due to the increase in inflation, daki The trend shows that this will increase. As it is known, there is no real inflation, but if we calculate the vital needs for us, we have 40-50 inflation. In the face of this inflation, we would like to sign a contract that will not crush the employees of İZBAN. If the TIS contract had started a year ago, this year's inflation rate would have been reflected in our wages. Our failure TİS'in inflation in the period of volatility. In previous TIS negotiations, we had a percentage of 7 inflation. Now it is not possible to accept 15-30s in a place where 12s are spoken. We do not want to leave the people of the state of Izmir, but we also have power production. We have answered the question 'why the people of Izmir are being victimized', but we need to answer this for the management of İZBAN. '


Workplace Representative Vehicle Maintenance Technician Berkant Arda stated that they want a wage in terms of subsistence standards and said: şunlar We created this draft while the official figures are 11-12. Even if the current fees are very low, we will not be relieved, we will not breathe, we will not be rich even when we get these rates. Inflation is lost to six figures. Peace and peace of mind are disrupted. İZBAN strike is seen as an example. Many workers are waiting for the outcome of our contract. Let the people of Izmir try to understand our situation by comparing them with their own situation. İzmir


Yavuzist Mücahit Yavuz, who tragically evaluated the figure under inflation, said: kadar This would be our fourth contract and we would like to have a happy contract as employees. Our biggest problem is that our root wages are very low. When we look at the employees of the municipality, İZBAN received the lowest price. We will go to the end of this case we are right. We have no other power than production. My fee is 1860 lira. The rate the employer has given me is 14. The perception operation related to the rate of public interest is being created, but the truth of the matter is not that way. This is one of the things that we have difficulty in telling people. The country's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the inflation rate itself, if ever 26 percent predict it needs to be well done to all emekçik in Turkey, "he said.

Source : www.evrensel.net

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