Conference on Transportation in the Big Cities

The Publication of a Transport Workshop in the Big Cities has been published: It has been reported that the transportation plans made are binding for all, the plans are not on the shelf and it is important to implement them.

Malatya, Elazığ, Bingöl and Tunceli provinces connected to the Euphrates Development Agency (FKA) Development Board, Technical Infrastructure and Environment Commission Elazığ Chamber of Commerce and Industry Meeting Hall "Workshop on Growing Cities" was a workshop.

Erhan Öncü, one of the important experts in the field of transportation, was invited to the workshop. TRB1 region with the participation of all relevant people and institutions and FKA Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. In the workshop led by İbrahim Gezer; Settlements and Transportation Need, Transportation Problems of Cities, Contemporary Transportation Policies, Transportation Planning Processes, New Metropolitan Law and Transportation Problems in TRB1 Region were discussed.

The final declaration of the workshop, which lasted about three hours, was announced as follows:
Ortaya Mobility in daily life and economic activities in cities increases the use of motor vehicles. While the density of housing increases from city to center in the cities, the decrease in road width aggravates the urban traffic problem.

In this case, the urban administrations that want to solve the traffic problem are directed to public transportation vehicles and one way 7 passenger / hour tram, 10 thousand passenger / hour light rail systems, 15 bin and up for the metro is on the agenda.

Some cities make the entrance into the city center as an alternative, or take alternative alternatives such as bicycle transportation. In some countries and cities in the world, especially in Europe, bicycle access is found by 50.

1-40 is used as a parking lot in many of our cities, including TRB50 provinces such as Malatya, Elazığ, Tunceli and Bingöl. In cities where this situation is experienced, it becomes meaningless to complain about traffic, because you are using the existing road incorrectly. It is necessary to do enough parking to prevent parking on the roads.

Our cities in our country from time to time should be considered, instead of resorting to cheaper and easier measures more expensive and not enough projects are directed to over, this leads to resource wastage, inefficiency and environmental problems.

Rail system transportation is rapidly spreading in our country. However, these systems, including the Ankara and İstanbul subways, are operated far below the targeted efficiency and capacity. For example, while Ankara and Istanbul subways are planned for 50-60 thousand passengers per hour, 10-15 works with a thousand capacity.

Therefore, priority should be given to the BRT system in which buses, such as the TRB1 Region, are moving in separated lanes instead of systems that require high investment and operating costs in the solution of the transportation problems of the cities with a population of less than 1 million. Because 4 times more passengers can be carried by the lane allocation application for buses.

Most of the metro in Turkey has been working with about 10 thousand passengers per hour. However, in the world, rail systems (up to 48 thousand passengers per hour) carrying passengers and much cheaper than rail systems (5 times cheaper) metrobus (rubber wheel bus) systems are available. This result, many cities in the world with Metrobus cost of subway passengers while moving up in Turkey means that we carry are regular buses with passengers subway costs. This application is not feasible.

In many of our cities, our citizens demand both rail system and also the bus or minibus which runs in parallel with the rail system. However, buses and minibuses should not run parallel to the rail system, but should operate in the vertical direction and feed it. In this sense, the rail system means demek transfer Bu. In the case of parallel operation of these systems and passenger transport in the same direction, it is not possible to operate the rail system in a profitable manner. Because passengers need to be transported by the rail system will be carried by other vehicles. Unfortunately, this is the case in many of our cities. Given these drawbacks, the central government may be expected to tend to disallow rail system investments in the future.

As a result; In order to solve the transportation problems of our cities more effectively, an integrated system to cover all types of transportation should be established, transportation planning should be considered as an element of all plans related to the city, plans should be prepared by experts who have the capacity to plan and with a participatory approach. In addition, the plans should be binding for everyone, not on the shelf and for implementation. Için

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