3 Multi-Storey Large Istanbul Tunnel has reached the last stage in Project Works

3 has reached the last stage in the project of big Istanbul tuneli
3 has reached the last stage in the project of big Istanbul tuneli

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Istanbul Bosporus will pass through the tunnel in the Great Istanbul Tunnel, reported that the work of the final stage.

Turhan, TRANSIST 11. In his speech at Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair, he pointed out that transportation is one of the most important sectors which affect the economic development and welfare of the countries today.

Advanced transport systems; Turhan pointed out that it offers social-economic opportunities and benefits to people as well as facilitating accessibility to production areas, markets and investments; intense population growth, steps that push the boundaries of science and technology; stressed that low cost, high capacity, faster, safer and more comfortable transportation needs make it compulsory all over the world.

As a government for this and similar reasons, starting from the day they start to serve as a strategic sector indicating that the Turhan, said:

Ir For us, the issue has two aspects, human and commercial. If we look at the issue from a human point of view, our population has exceeded 80 million and the majority of this population lives in cities. Migration from village to city in 1950s increased exponentially over a short period of time. This situation started to serve as a basis for many socioeconomic problems especially in cities after the 1980. 1980s can also be the beginning of our country's opening years. As is the case in many areas, the transport and infrastructure area has unfortunately made progress beyond the dynamics. Of course, we paid for it as a nation, we paid as the state, we pay. Elbette

That no economic sense for the international dimension of the sector in Turkey Turhan striking, referring to Turkey's geographical location advantages of hosting so, history can not be told when thrown at the right moves for these benefits. Turhan, Turkey is too heavy to pay the price for it, said the strategic issues as they approached the government since the beginning of these reasons.

Tarih We have written history in the transportation area “

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the last 16 years in the field of transportation has made significant progress by specifying, found the following evaluations:

A We have written history in the transportation area. Moreover, we realized all this with the strength and support of our nation despite global crises, regional chaos and the calamity attacks in our country. Which country, no matter how advanced, no matter what until production makes science in how scroll will show if it shows how much effort in marketing their products may, if there are problems in the transport system there in social life, in business, there is a problem in the economy. From this point of view, we have invested 16 billion liras in the last 515 year to strengthen our transportation infrastructure and integrate with the world. Biz

Turhan stated that there is a privilege of highways in these investments, and 2017 of the domestic passenger transportation as of 89 and 90 of the freight transportation were made by road.

Turhan, with studies indicating that Turkey's progress on the road divided the 80 percent of road traffic, the words continued as follows:

N 6 is a thousand kilometers of divided road, 26 thousand 400 kilometers have reached. Thus, 39 of our total road network was divided way. In addition, we reduced life losses in traffic accidents. In the rapid urbanization process in our country, a rapid increase in vehicle ownership and hence the increase in mobility increase the usage of motorways and traffic volume on highways. As a matter of fact, in the last 30 year, vehicle-kilometer value increased by 15, ton-kilometer value was 145, passenger-kilometer value increased by 73. These figures clearly show the accuracy of the studies we have carried out on the highways. Either we, like the previous administrations, would have turned out to be very dire, if we had the understanding that 'the wheel will revolve'. Biz

”We have reached the highway tunnel length 50 to 460 kilometers“

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turhan, Turkey is located in the north-south axis today, pointing out that it came at a critical crossroads 3 continent united position in the world, Turkey's transportation infrastructure; reported that they have re-planned the east-west axes as well as the north-south axes.

Turhan, east-west highway corridors 8 thousand 524 kilometer-long section of the 7 thousand 637 kilometers opened to traffic, 333 km continues to work on the construction work, and the remaining 554 kilometers, the project preparation and preparation of the preparation process was passed.

18 the resulting 12 thousand 146 kilometer-long north-south corridor from the axle 10 thousand 314 kilometers of the physical and geometric improvement of the completion of the ongoing work at the thousand 108 kilometers, while the 724 kilometers Turhan indicating that the design and procurement work, "We delivered Road tunnel length from the 50 kilometers 460 kilometers. If the 524 is 171 pieces in kilometers, there is still work going on in our country. Ül

Turhan, in his speech, gave information about global-scale projects such as Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge and Eurasia Tunnel.

Turhan also gave the following information regarding the Great Istanbul Tunnel project:

The Istanbul Bosphorus will pass through the underground. With this project, we will realize a first in the world. In one pass, in a single tunnel, we'll build the 3-story tunnel. The Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge will be significantly reduced by this tunnel. 6,5 million people will use 9 different rail system, will be connected by express subway.

The 30 station will be in the XnumX-kilometer-long İncirli-Gayrettepe-Altunizade-Sogutlucesme line. Moreover, this giant tunnel will be fully integrated with Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport and Altunizade-Ataşehir-Sabiha Gökçen lines. Thus, our citizens will be able to reach Istanbul Airport from Sabiha Gokcen Airport in less than an hour without changing the train by using the Istanbul Grand Tunnel. When our works are completed, all districts of Istanbul will be connected by metro.

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