Sanliurfa Metro planning should be done urgently

Sanliurfa metro planning should be done urgently: Şanlıurfa Cultural Heritage Preservation Association President Uğur Beyazgül, 'Metro' for urgent work should be started, he said. Beyazgül, "Maybe the beginning of the Metro is the industrial site of urban transformation," he said.

Uğur Beyazgül told the Ruha News Agency that scientific issues are not on the agenda in Urfa. Um This topic is very happy about our future with our happiness. When I go home from Atatürk Boulevard, 11 April Novada Park AVM is over, Sanayi Sitesi project is completed and Abide traffic on them when you add to this job, I thought to myself how to get out of it. That really upset me. I am also the President of Urban Improvement Commission of the Karacağ Development Agency. As the Chairman of the Commission, we made statements on this issue in the past and wrote articles to the municipalities. But they did not create enough public agenda. Our happiness is about beautiful circles. Grows successful and civilized people in beautiful circles. I have been closely interested in the development plans of Şanlıurfa since the past. Lastly, I made studies on landscaping development plan. I explained the drawbacks about them. Unfortunately, they did not get public opinion. Ma

We shouldn't be the only crime in the state

High Architect Uğur Beyazgül continued his words as follows: 'Germany was the foundation of the Metro in 1940 in Berlin. When creating a city in Europe, they first made the transportation network and then took the city there. Metro is a process that starts with planning. However, we have not started this process in Şanlıurfa. If we cannot start the planning process, we will see that many of our investments are not in place. If we do not plan a projection of the next population projection of Urfa 10 year, then we will get stuck in the city. We create living cities. In 1960, a scientist in Japan is preparing a plan for Tokyo. In Urfa, there is no such work in 2016. Of course, we should not seek the only reason for the absence of this work in the state. Today the Chamber of Architects and Engineers and universities are far behind. He needs to produce projects for the future by hand in hand with the state. Likewise, our universities are broken with the city. We keep them on the agenda. We need a zoning plan of 10 million. The basis of this transportation plan should be the metro. The world is now solving it like this. We're still not planning on this metro, starting, station, development area. We have to start. Perhaps the beginning of the Metro may be the industrial site where the urban transformation takes place. This is what I will summarize about it. A holistic zoning plan and a master plan should be prepared as soon as possible. "

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