Kandıra Road Users Attention!

Temporary route has been determined for public transportation due to the crossroads on the Izmit Kandira Road by the Highways.

Due to the construction of the Köprülü Junction by the State Highways on the Kandira Road, the transit routes of public transport vehicles were temporarily modified. In this context, 10 September 2018 On Monday, from 00.00 to the end of the public transportation vehicles operating in the direction of Kurtuluş Boulevard, they need to use the temporary route determined by the UTDK decision.


Accordingly, public transport; By turning left at the lights in front of Izmit Kandira Road-Minikosk; Turan Güneş Street- Tepeköy Street- Özbek Fountain- Egemenlik Street- Mopaş- Kurtulus Boulevard will continue from the existing route.

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