Istanbul New Airport will be announced at the opening ceremony!

Turkey's mega projects across the country will overcome our class aerospace industry located in Istanbul and 3. The countdown has begun for the opening of the airport.

The first stage of the new Istanbul Airport will be opened in 29 October 2018 with a magnificent ceremony.
However, the name of the project is still not announced. In other projects, although the name was first announced at the opening ceremony, the fact that Istanbul 3.

The latest claim is Istanbul New Airport and Istanbul 3. The name of the airport with the name of the airport will be announced by President Erdogan at the opening ceremony. In spite of great controversy, the name has not been announced until now.

A part of the citizens of Ataturk Airport will be moved here and will be moved to the name of this airport should be the name of the Atatürk Airport, while some of the citizens want to be given a new name.

The government wing, which previously adopted to conduct surveys on such controversial issues, did not open the new airport name survey. President Erdoğan, who participated in the program on a private television channel before the elections, said, “Atatürk Airport was in Istanbul.

Many places already exist. Now it is probably more accurate to give the here and it is also useful to address some new names. At this point I am patient and I think there is benefit. Because we do all our work with consultation and consultation is our most important method.

The nation can be consulted or we form a high-level advisory board and we will consult there. Not necessarily going to the public, the nation in everything, may not be correct in all matters. Because this party is not a random political party. There are high-level advisory boards. In these boards, we can also mature it and take the step. ” He said with certainty that they would not do a questionnaire about the name.

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