Trambus Roads Are Asphalted in Şanlıurfa

In the last 5 year, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the Trambus Project in order to overcome the current transportation problem in Şanlıurfa, with a population increase of 25 per cent, came to an end.

The first stage of the Trambus Project, which is fully supported by the citizens, will soon be offered to the public. Daily public transport in 190 thousand people preferred transportation Sanliurfa, Turkey soon will have more of a service which is one of the few cities.

Turkey's cheapest and due to give quality service at the national and international 4 which received awards in different branches Metropolitan Municipality came to an end in the Project TRAMBUS put into practice in order to issue the existing transport long-term fix. With the completion of the infrastructure works of the Trambus Project, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has begun to work on the superstructure, will carry out the test work in the following days. Nihat Çiftçi, who is the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality who supervised the on-going asphalting works, said: falt As the entire physical realization area of ​​the Trambus Project, we have started the asphalting works of both the Halep-al-Rahman, the Haşimiye and the Divanyolu Avenue together with the Halik-ur Rahman.

After that, lines and strips will be made and then test drives will be carried out. Transportation, Science Works and ŞUSKİ Presidencies carry out the project by working in the region. Sanliurfa, which has a golden age in terms of municipality, has increased the road standards in both districts and all districts. I would like to thank all our colleagues who contributed to this beautiful work. Ard


President Nihat Ciftci said, Çift We started a good work as a Metropolitan Municipality and we worked in a planned way with the understanding of road civilization. Trambus Project will be realized later in the days of the trial and then we will introduce our city to the rail system with the permission of Allah. We are doing our work by saying that we will do without talking, this is the AK Municipality understanding.

We are a working and producing municipality, we use the efficiency of our workers and machines at the highest level. We are in the field and in the field by pouring sweat. Our projects may be reflected differently, there may be those who said I did, none of them did. Mayor of the Metropolitan Mayor made all the staff with a hand, Yap he said. On the other hand, with the new generation of public transportation system, the trambus system, which provides 70 savings in transportation, will also protect the texture of historical regions in terms of environmental sensitivity and noise pollution.

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