BURULAŞ Bus Driver Trainings Continues

BURULAŞ Academy, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Office for the Handicapped and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services Bursa Provincial Directorate jointly realized package training programs in August. In this context, BURULAŞ bus drivers, who are subject to continuous training during the year with annual training plans and urgent trainings, communicate with our disabled passengers by psychologists, sociologists, social services experts and expert trainers, gender discrimination and violence, passenger complaints and communication, stress reduction techniques. various topics were mentioned.

BURULAŞ Academy manager Uğur Koç, as well as all citizens of our disabled passengers are trying to provide superior service to the passengers, primarily in contact with the sales and service points to the staff working in the sign language training in the coming days, said they were planning. During the day we will continue to train drivers in BURULAŞ Academy, where various trainings are applied in order to ensure the professional and corporate personal development of our drivers who have to struggle with traffic stress and on the one hand with various questions and requests of the passengers on the other hand.

BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar said that they attach great importance to education, and that they will be provided with qualified and timely service but with qualified personnel. For this reason, they emphasized that they have implemented the BURULAŞ Academy project, which is very important for them, and thus they will transform into a structure that will provide both training and certification in the transportation sector. BURULAŞ Academy will continue its activities as a reference brand in the transportation sector by working with many stakeholders and business partners from the public and private sector.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:10

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