Metro and Bus Action from Bursa

Disabled from Bursa Metro and Bus Action: Bursa Turkey Disabled Association Branch members, organized urban public transport to disabled people riding their daily to-use restrictions 6 be protested with action.

Association President Müzeyyen Yıldırım said, “If negotiations continue, we will go to the judiciary if we do not get results from the action. If the aim is to take the disabled out and socialize, why is this restriction applied? " said.

People with disabilities gathered in Şehreküstü Square at noon, protesting the limiting of public transportation 6 times a day. Turkey Disabled Association Bursa Branch President Müzeyyen Yildirim, said: "Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transportation company Burulaş, the second time this year; In March last year, it restricted the BuCards used by the disabled in public transportation. The application was withdrawn with the initiatives and actions taken. As of June 26, Burulaş introduced a limit of 6 times a day for disabled cards. If disabled people use it 6 times, it will be an extra burden on their budget. We want these friends to socialize, we have working friends, so the friend will not go to work, they will stay at home. So how is accessibility, accessibility? We, Burulaş, violate Law No. 4 on March 2014, 28931. We want this limited right back. If necessary, we will call them legally. If our actions are not effective, we will take legal action. "


Pointing out that they could benefit from public transportation unlimitedly before 26 June, Association President Yıldırım said, “We had unlimited rights before. It is said that there are 140 thousand disabled people in Bursa, and the companions of the heavier ones have the right to use free cards. Considering our friends who cannot go out, there are at least 50-60 thousand disabled people in Bursa. If the aim is to take the disabled out and socialize, why is this restriction applied? If we do not take a step back, there are also interviews, if we do not get results, we are a non-governmental organization, we seek our rights legally. " he spoke.



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