First New Fuel Delivery in Istanbul New Airport

Istanbul New Airport is one of the few airports in the world that can be refueled with ships. In IGA Fuel Supply Port, the first fuel shipment was carried out for 63 thousand ton test purposes. If it is made from land, high operational costs were prevented by the method of shipment that would require the use of 2250 units. Refueling at Istanbul New Airport will only be done by sea.

When completed, 200 will be the largest airport in the world with a capacity of 1 million passengers. For the purpose of testing, the first shipment of one thousand tonnes of 80 was carried out for testing purposes.

HDI Fuel Supply Port, that feature has twice the fuel capacity of the airports in Turkey bears!

The first test fuel from Petrol Ofisi was transferred to fuel tanks installed near the port. 116 thousand tons LR2 have the fuel capacity PIONEER is ship, HDI Fuel Supply Port docked 63 thousand tons of fuel 12 km long pipeline located in Istanbul New Airport, and fuel was transferred to the tank, which is twice the size of the airports fuel capacity in Turkey. Thanks to the maritime transport, an operation was carried out without the use of 2250 units on the highway and without high costs.

IGA Fuel Supply Port: Annual 6 million cubic meters

IGA Fuel Supply Port will provide the advantage of fuel transportation with cost-effective infrastructure from all parts of the world. Thanks to the port, fuel supply and supply safety will be provided from the regions where the fuel base price is suitable. IGA Fuel Supply Port has an annual fuel consumption capacity of about 6 million cubic meters. Thanks to the sea route, 8 will be able to be filled at once, with the possibility of being filled with 571 pieces of land transportation vehicles. The port will serve 3 days 7 hours replenishment.

Daily fuel consumption at Istanbul New Airport will be 13 thousand 200 cubic meters!

IGA Airport Operations CEO and General Manager H. Kadri Samsunlu
Altın We are aware that Istanbul New Airport is one of the few airports in the world that can be replenished with ships of this size and said: en We are realizing an important development every day at Istanbul New Airport. We are proud of the realization of the first fuel shipment, which is one of the important milestones of the project. In order to provide fuel supply to the aircraft by the launch of our airport, we expect that in the first place we will need to supply 13 thousand 200 cubic meters per day. In case of bringing the fuel to the Istanbul New Airport by road, the average daily 315 vehicle would be entered. IGA Fuel Supply Port was established due to the additional burden that this situation would bring to Istanbul traffic by considering that bringing fuel by sea would alleviate both the costs and the operational load. Thus, we reduce the transportation costs by% 41 by sea-based fuel shipment at Istanbul New Airport. The only ship that will be unloaded by the sea is the fuel that can only be transported by 2250. When you consider this high figure, we provide a much safer and important logistics infrastructure with the fuel supplied by sea. Time savings, cost advantage and job security achieved with marine logistics will provide an important optimization for the operation and serve our understanding of operational excellence. Deniz

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