3.5 Million tons / year Production Investment from Kardemir

The company has decided to invest in a new continuous casting plant for 3,5 million tons / year production target

In a written statement from the company;
“Our company continues to invest in increasing the liquid steel production capacity to 3,5 million tons and diversifying the product range with products with high added value. In this context, with the investments started since 2010, actual production levels of 2,4 million tons have been reached.

All necessary investment equipment has been purchased to increase the current 90 tons of converter capacities of 1 and 2 to 120 tons, and the converters will be increased to 120 tons capacity following their assembly within the scope of the production plan.

The Board of Directors has decided to establish a new Continuous Casting Plant (2.4) in order to reach 3.5 million tons / year capacity from the current 4 million tons / year capacity. Tender preparations for the new Continuous Casting Plant, which will be established with 1.250.000 ton / year capacity, are in progress and it is aimed to determine the contractor firm until November 2017. With the investment planned to be completed in 16 a month, our company's casting capacity will reach 2019 Million tonnes in 3,5.

We hope that the new investment decision, which will strengthen the competitive power of our company, will be beneficial for all our stakeholders ”. It was said.


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