Commuter Trains

Island Train Starts Expeditions from Mithatpaşa

ADA Train will start its flights from Mithatpaşa Train Station as of Sunday, 20 August. Pistil, “The route of regional expressers serving between Arifiye-Pendik and Pendik-Arifiye has been rearranged as Mithatpaşa-Pendik and Pendik-Mithatpaşa. It will be announced to the public with respect ”. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation [more…]

Intercity Railways

Van-Kapıköy expedition hit the train snow tunnel

The train locomotive that made the Van-Kapıköy expedition was derailed due to excessive flooding and material damage occurred as a result of hitting the snow tunnel. According to the information obtained; It occurred at the quarry location on the Van-Özalp road. Van-Kapıköy expedition [more…]