Future Engineering Solutions in Rail Systems

MATLAB & SIMULINK Solutions Seminar in Rail Systems with ARUS-FİGES Cooperation

1.Preparation of Physical Models in Controlled Systems and Control System Design Physical Modeling Control System Design and Optimization with Simscape Toolboxes Case Study: Opt Modeling and Simulation of an Electric Motor Sim Electricity and Energy Management Systems in Rail System Networks Modeling of Rail Electric Systems with MATLAB & SIMULINK

2. Modeling of Radio Control Center (RBC) in Remote Systems
Modeling of ERTMS / ETCS system, transmission of GSM-R global mobile signaling information - Sample Operation, RBC Simulation UM, Certification Process for EN50128 Standard, Creation of Software Requirements, Generating Code from Model according to MISRA-C Standard for EN50128 Standard, Creating a Test-Based Test Based Document Creation

Ilhami Pektas

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