KARDEMİR Launches New Investments with Soldier Salute

kardemir commissioned new investments with the salute of soldiers
kardemir commissioned new investments with the salute of soldiers

10 Kardemir 2, which was stopped in June. The new Lime Plant was re-commissioned with a ceremony held today after 124-day capacity increase and renovation-modernization investments. Members of the Board of Directors attended the ceremony as a full staff, and after the speeches and prayers, the opening of the new facilities, Peace Spring Operations, our hero soldiers stopped by greeting.

Annual 50 thousand tons capacity increase was achieved in the converter numbered 2 which was renewed with an expenditure of approximately 297 million TL. Within the scope of the renovation, the converter casting volume was increased from 90 tons to 120 tons, while all the infrastructure in the steel shop, such as dust holding systems, hall reinforcements, new steel and slag ladles, ladle transfer cars and crane systems, was adapted to annual 3,5 Million tons production capacity.

The second facility opened today is the new lime factory. Instead of the 260 ton / day capacity lime factory, a new lime mill with 425 tons / day capacity was established in line with increasing production capacities. 10 million TL was spent for the facility.

Due to the commissioning of the new facilities, the first ceremony was held in Çelikhane Konverter Control Room. Here, the General Manager of the Company, who provided information about the investment process. Hüseyin Soykan reminded that Kardemir changed the method of steel production after the privatization and left steel production in Siemens Martin Quarries and started to produce steel in Oxygen Converters. Until 2014 year, 90'ar tons of casting volume of the 2 converter, which produced steel production Kardemir'in, 120 tonnes of the third converter, which was commissioned on the date of production increase Soykan, 90 tons of castings from the 120 tons of castings taken into operation today. Together with the converter, Kardemir noted that for the first time in its history, the liquid steel production capacity has reached 2 Million tons theoretically. Soykan said, isi Most importantly, we are making these renovations and capacity increase investments with our own efforts, our own project teams, our own engineering and design capabilities and the manufacturing capabilities of our affiliates. Again, we have equipped this plant with automation and level systems that are especially needed for high value added steel production. We have shortened our steel production times. During the 3,2 day we have made a converter with zero 124 ton casting capacity. We have renewed the entire infrastructure in our steel shop. ” Noting that only the capacity increase was achieved with the modernization investments, but also the methodology was developed in line with the aim of producing steel especially for the machinery manufacturing, automotive and defense industries, Soykan said that “ day and without any work accidents, they were completed as planned. In these difficult days, we are happy to make new investments and to be instrumental in new employment. I would like to thank and congratulate all of my teammates, affiliates and all local and foreign suppliers for their efforts. Good, blessed. We are pouring forehead sweat and mental sweat together and we continue to grow Kardemir and contribute to our country..

No deviation from 3.5 MILLION / TON TARGETS

Kardemir Chairman of the Board of Directors Kamil Güleç in his speech before the opening of the new steel mill established after the privatization of re-experiencing the excitement of the opening said

“23-24 years ago I experienced the beginning and change of today's technology in this control room. Kardemir, which produced with Siemens Martin quarries, a technology left by the world at that time, changed the steel production method with a new technology. Because it could not be continued with such an old technology and technological change had to be done immediately. This change was then made and the converter system was switched. This was accomplished under difficult conditions. That's how the story started and we set off with 90's ton converters. We moved from ingot casting to continuous casting system. Then 3. We made our converter. Today we are increasing the capacity of one of our converters from 90 to 120. We applied the latest technology used by the world. Nothing better than that. It is very important and meaningful to complete these investments in such difficult times. Catching 3,5 million tons of production was a dream, but it's happening now. With this facility we are actually exceeding 3 million tons capacity. A year later we will be a factory that has reached 3,5 million tons. This is a source of pride for Kardemir, Karabük and our country. I thank all my brothers who contributed. May healthy productions bring fertility and abundant gains ”

The Kardemir Board of Directors started the liquid mine charge and oxygen blowing to the converer and then moved to the Lime Factory and opened the new New Lime Factory with a capacity of 425 tons / day. Kardemir General Manager, who gave information about the investment here. Hüseyin Soykan stated that lime is one of the indispensable materials in steel production and that one of the 260 tons / day capacity lime factory has been increased to 425 tons / day production capacity in order to meet the lime need that will increase parallel to the increasing liquid steel production. Kan Together with this facility, we will be able to produce the metallurgical lime necessary for the production of 3,5 million tons of liquid steel. We won't have another investment here. Approximately 70 friends took part in the capacity increase efforts and 10 Million TL was spent..

After the prayer, the opening of the facility with members of the Board of Directors, General Manager, Deputy General Manager and employees with the heroine soldiers at the Peace Spring Operations stopped.

4, which is continuing in Kardemir's steel mill area. Continuous casting machine investment is expected to be put into operation in the coming days. Kardemir recently announced a new blast furnace investment of 1 Million tons at KAP, and these investments aim to reach 90 Million tons of liquid steel capacity by increasing the 1 tonne 120 converter to 3,5 tons.

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