07 Antalya

Alanya Cable Car Discount

Mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yucel, re-arranging the cost of ropeway said, the company will be reduced to 18 TL at the end of the negotiations with the cable at the end of the talks said. V WE ARE WORKING TO MAKE THE TELEFERIC FEE TO BE OPEN TO THE MORE REASONABLE LEVEL İN [more…]


50 discount on holiday delivery in Sakarya

During the Feast of the Sacrifice, citizens of the city can travel with a discount of 10 per cent 50 Public Transportation Office Director Fatih Pistil said, yüzde We are at the service of our citizens during the feast. I would like to congratulate all of our fellow citizens in advance. Tüm Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Head of Transportation Department Fatih [more…]

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Going to Babadag will now be in 7 minutes

Many parachutists' dreams come true. With the cable car project to Babadağ, 7 will go down to the mountain in minutes. Turkey and visited by millions of holidaymakers and paragliding enthusiasts the world 1965 altitude to reach the summit of Mount Babadag and much faster now [more…]

16 Bursa

Europe's Best Space Center Founded

Within the scope of Gökmen Project of Bursa Chamber of Trade and Industry (BTSO), the foundation of Gökmen Space Aviation and Training Center (GUHEM), which will be one of the first 5 space and aviation center in Europe, will be the basis of Deputy Prime Minister Fikri Işık. [more…]

44 UK

UK private wagon proposal controversy

One of the UK's senior politicians, Chris Williamson, proposed a private wagon on trains for discussion. Williamson says he has brought this proposal against the growing harassment, but women believe that this step will normalize harassment and restrict women's movement. in the UK [more…]


Mevlana Street waiting for the solution

The shopkeepers on the Mevlana Street in Konya stated that they were victims after the construction of the tram and stated that the solution to the parking problem and the U-turn problem in traffic should be produced immediately. The shopkeepers on the street, the customers' cars 5-10 minutes [more…]