35 Izmir

Sea view terminal to Foça

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the 5.5 of Foça Terminal building, which started to be constructed with an investment of 95 million pounds. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the city's touristic district Foça began to count down to gain a new terminal. Reduce the traffic load of the district center, [more…]


Samsun's Icon Locations Wagon Café Date

Vagon Café, located between the landmarks of the history of Samsun, was removed in accordance with the decision taken by the Metropolitan Municipality. It was decided to remove the historical Vagon Cafe located in front of the Samsun Gar Station. Workers in TCDD for many years steamy [more…]

06 Ankara

The Longest Urban Cableway Line in Ankara

Kizelen, who want to live in Kecioren running to the cable car. Between the Atatürk Garden and the Dormitory Dormitory, the 1 has been transported by 274 thousand people over the last 2008 to the ropeway, which provides both transportation and touristic services. Serving since XNUMX and [more…]