Nairobi-Mombasa Railway Line Started Operation

The Nairobi-Mombasa Railway Line is now in operation: The railway line called Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), which connects the capital Nairobi, which is considered to be the largest project in the history of the country in the East African country of Kenya, connects the city of Mombasa on the coast.

3 will connect with the Indian Ocean to China, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia, the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, where the 90 was launched by China Road and Bridge Corporation years ago and cost 3,2 billion dollars with the Chinese Eximbank loan.

480 launched its first cargo flight in May on the 30 km Nairobi-Mombasa railway line, where Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta personally opened the 31, and in May of XNUMX, Madaraka Express began to carry its first passenger between the capital of Nairobi and the coastal city of Mombasa.

Mombasa-Nairobi between the 12 hour to 5 hours down to 59 hours, the operation of the China Communications Construction Company is informed of the operation. 200 container (full capacity 20) load-bearing first freight train will reduce the cost of transporting a container of 30 by 500 by 2021 to XNUMX dollar level. The new railway line is expected to reduce the port load in Mombasa, while the XNUMX is expected to complete the same route to Uganda.


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