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Crash Ski Resort Will Start Serving This Winter

Çambaşı Ski Center Will Start Serving This Winter: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Enver Yılmaz stated that Çambaşı Winter Sports and Ski Center, which is anticipated with great enthusiasm in the region, will start serving as of next winter. Turkey's closest to the sea [more…]


Tripods tested Akçarayı

It tested the Akçaray: Akçaray was built by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and the citizens going to the Thursday Market in the Democracy Square area had the opportunity to test it. Market participants can comfortably access the tram after completing their shopping. [more…]

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PO Marine meets with ship refuelers

PO Marine, met with ship fuel suppliers are: Turkey transit marine fuel in the maritime sector, maritime excise duty on fuel and marine lubricants manufacturer and sole distributor who sold the brand POLAR Marine, 8. International Istanbul [more…]


High Grade to Kardemir from Credit Rating Agency

High Rating from Credit Rating Agency to Kardemir: Credit rating agency JCR Eurasia Rating evaluates the consolidated structure of Kardemir and its subsidiaries and the cash flows of ongoing bond issues in the periodic review process and has given its Long Term National Rating to 'A'. [more…]

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10 Year of the Express Train Sign in Sivas

10 Years of High Speed ​​Train Sign in Sivas Must Celebrate: It has been 2007 years since the announcement of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) between Sivas and Ankara in 10. Citizens of Sivas both criticized and criticized this situation from their social media accounts. [more…]

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Ego Buses Free

Ego Buses are Free During the Holidays: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek gave the good news that the citizens of the capital can travel for free with EGO buses and make their visits comfortably during the Ramadan Festival. "The bus trip Day Free" program, the first in Turkey [more…]

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TCDD Transportation Participated in KalDer Family

KalDer Ankara President Nazmi Karyağdı said, "The quality of railway and municipal services will increase". Turkey, with the task of contributing to enhancing the competitiveness and prosperity of the culture of excellence by transforming the lifestyle of its activities since 1990, Turkey Quality Association-KalDer [more…]


Big Day Tomorrow for Akçaray! "Do Not Park"

Izmit Tramway Project Akçaray, which is planned to be completed in 550 days but planned to complete the 152 daily delay as of yesterday, is scheduled to start today and is postponed tomorrow. Ergah DO NOT CAR VEHICLES ç WARNING Metropolitan officials around the route to Akçaray [more…]

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Bridge warning from Transport Minister Aslan

Bridge warning from Transport Minister Aslan: Responding to the complaints that the free passage system works, which will start on the 15 July Martyrs Bridge after Istanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, caused congestion in the bridges, Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet [more…]

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Apaydın, Ankara-Izmir YHT Line Examined

Apaydın Ankara-İzmir Investigated YHT Line: TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, 12-13 June 2017 Ankara-Izmir YHT on the date of the ongoing work in the Afyonkarahisar-Banaz-Uşak-Eşme line sections were found. Apaydın, Assistant General Manager İsmail H. Murtazaoğlu, Chief of Staff, [more…]

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Like the new airport space base

Like the new airport space base: 3. technologies to be used at the airport. In the project such as space base, passengers will be greeted by SMS. Face, voice and fingerprint recognition as one of the most new and advanced technologies to be used Turkey's largest projects [more…]

a special rumi train was created to the cone
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Konya Istanbul YHT Expeditions Increased

Konya Istanbul YHT Expeditions Increased: TCDD Transportation Inc. increased the number of YHT flights between Konya and Istanbul to six in order to meet the increasing passenger demand. 23 The new YHTs launched from June 2017 date from Konya: [more…]


Tender Announcement: Pedestrian Overpass

Pedestrian Overpass will be Constructed General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) 1st REGION PURCHASING AND STOCK CONTROL SERVICE DIRECTORATE ISTANBUL - ANKARA LINE KM 86 + 900 AND KM 87 + 455 COMPLETED CONSTRUCTION OF 2 PEDESTRIAN SUPERVISORS [more…]


Tender Announcement: Study Project Service

Survey Project Service Will Be Taken TCDD 2nd REGIONAL DIRECTORATE OF PURCHASING AND STOCK CONTROL SERVICE DIRECTORATE Irmak - Zonguldak Line Km: 87 + 090 Preparation of Acısu Hydraulic Bridge Project for the Implementation of Overpass Project [more…]