34 Istanbul

Private Train from Istanbul to Srebrenica

Special Train from Istanbul to Srebrenica: The Children of the World Association will take 100 young people to Bosnia by a special train to participate in the Marş-Mira march that took place on the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre. Young people stay in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia to see these countries, visit Ottoman works [more…]


Forgotten Railway Improvement in Samsun

They Forgot the Railway Improvement Work in Samsun: In the Derebahçe Mahallesi area of ​​the Samsun - Sivas railway improvement works, the railway tracks were dismantled and the ground was started to be strengthened. However, the water accumulated with the rain falling on the discharged area from the dismantled rails has been a small [more…]

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High-speed train and airport gospel to Yozgat

High-speed train and airport good news for Yozgat: Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ, who said that the high-speed train will come to Yozgat in 2019, also gave the good news about the airport. Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ, accompanying Yozgat Governor Kemal Yurtnaç, AK Party Yozgat Deputy Yusuf [more…]

06 Ankara

Studies in YHT Projects Full Gas

Work in YHT Projects Full Throttle: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that the infrastructure work in YHT between Ankara and Sivas has reached the level of 75 percent. Turkey's side of a four-speed train (HT) and High Speed ​​Train (YHT) [more…]


Trains to tramli İzmitli bus drivers came!

Trains to tramli İzmitli bus drivers came! : Kocaeli Chamber of Minibuses and Buses President Mustafa Kurt, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu said about the cost of the tram. Kurt, who stated that wages are determined without consulting them, this behavior [more…]


Here Akçarayın fee

Here Akçaray'nın fee: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality President Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu'nun fully promised to the citizens of 8 years after the project can complete the tram project is completed. The question I've been wondering for days has finally found the answer and 15 is free until July [more…]

35 Izmir

İZBAN flights will be tightened

IZBAN flights will be more frequent: Drawing attention to the importance of the Gulf Crossing Project, the foundation of which is planned to be laid in September, AK Party member Kaya said, “The two sides will join 1.1 billion. Istanbul has Marmaray, Izmir will also be passing through the Gulf, ”said the AK Party's Izmir representatives. [more…]

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1 America

Expedia wants to be strong on the tracks

Expedia also wants to be strong on the rails: Expedia management acquired a majority stake in railway technology distributor SilverRail. The first collaboration between the two companies began in 2010, when Expedia's corporate travel brand Egencia used SilverRail's corporate services. Two companies [more…]

Intercity Railways

It is possible to increase steel exports by iron nets

It is possible to increase steel exports through iron nets: All the countries in the world are trying to expand their export markets and increase their share of global trade. European countries, in particular, are expanding the rail network, which has recently provided advantages in transportation. Turkey's [more…]