13 579 killed in level crossing

13 people lost their lives in 579 years in level crossing accidents: It was late in the rehabilitation of level crossings, which had graves for hundreds of people on the railway lines. The TCDD report of the TCA included scandalous information about level crossings. Accordingly, two thousand, corresponding to 67 percent of the level crossing barrier in Turkey and 2 are still uncontrolled.

In the 2013 TCDD audit report of the Court of Accounts, a large place was allocated to the problems experienced at railroad crossings. Accordingly, between 2000 and 2013, 2 thousand 65 accidents occurred at level crossings. While 1.887 people were injured in the accidents, 579 people died. The crossover collisions resulted most from the lack of signs and signaling. To reduce the mortality rate at level crossings, passages need to be secured. However, it has been revealed that, despite the years, a barley length could not be made in the improvement of the level crossings. Out of 3 thousand 314 level crossings, 2 thousand 252 are still unprotected. Only 769 have automatic barriers. While there are guard and barrier in 257 passages, 36 have flashers and bell systems but no barriers. Although the number of level crossings has decreased from 5 to 3 thousand 555 in the last 3 years, accidents have continued to be a problem. According to the Court of Accounts, in order to prevent level crossing accidents, it is necessary to make underpasses and overpasses first and to protect the unprotected level crossings with automatic barriers, guards and flashers where this is not possible. However, the uncertainty about which public institution the gates will be built has not been resolved for years.

The General Directorate of Municipalities and Highways did not approach the construction and improvement of level crossings since there was no clear law provision. Thereupon a commission was created by the State Railways. It was stated that the new road to the railway-road intersections with the article added to the law regulating the liberalization of the railway transportation and the restructuring of the TCDD, which was enacted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 2013, is obliged to make an underpass or an overpass and other safety measures. In addition, with the regulation issued regarding level crossings, it was decided that the institution to which the highway was affiliated was responsible for the construction of the crossings in accordance with the standards. It is stated that the existing level crossings will be made compliant with the regulation by the TCDD, to be covered by the Ministry of Transport budget for once, within 3 years after the regulation comes into force.

In 2014, 39,9 million TL was allocated to State Railways in order to ensure that level crossings meet standards. In the Court of Account report, it was requested to make necessary corrections quickly by following the problems that may arise as a result of the implementation of the regulation.



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