25 Erzurum

Safari Tour in Palandopen Started

Safari Tour in Palandopen Started: Ejder3200 Palandöken World Ski Center, which has doubled its potential with innovations this season, pushed the button for summer events. In the summer months, the facilities filled in by citizens during the winter months [more…]


İstiklal Street will blow in Düzce

İstiklal Caddesi will be aired in Düzce: Düzce Municipality, which aims to turn the most busy street of Düzce into the air of Istanbul's famous İstiklal Caddesi, opened a tender for the tram route. When the project is completed nostalgic in the middle of Istanbul Street [more…]


The unending lure of Kocaeli: Akçaray

The tramway, which has been on the agenda since 2009, does not end. The 'Akçaray' tram project, which was among the promises of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for years, was to be completed in 550 days after the start of the works. But it didn't. 674 in studies. to the day [more…]


RayHaber 07.06.2017 Tender Bulletin

Renovation of Electrical Installation of Warehouses in Haydarpaşa Port Tunçbilek Station Renewal of Lighting Installation Field Surveying Application to be used in Surveying, Mapping and Measurement Works Will be purchased in various kilometers in YHT Line Snow Roller Welding Machine and Aluminothermite [more…]