The first step towards a major transformation on the Istanbul Road in Bursa

The first step towards a major transformation on the Istanbul Road: Bursa Metropolitan Council unanimously accepted the plans of 1/25000, 1/5000 and 1/1000 for the Istanbul Road urban transformation project. Evaluating the decision taken, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that with the change of plan, buildings with a height of 250-300 floors up to a depth of 12-20 meters will rise on the Istanbul Road on the right and left.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality approved the urban transformation project on the Istanbul Road. High-rise new buildings will be increased from Gençosman to Küçükbalıklı Tube Passage on the Istanbul Road, where the 2,5 precedent increase is given along with the tram line to the terminal.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that a decision was made by the parliament to ensure real urban transformation in an area of ​​160 hectares. The vision of Bursa, especially the main arteries kazanStating that they are working to make it work, Mayor Altepe said, “The most important entrance of Bursa is Istanbul Street. For many years this place has not been transformed. We are starting work for two areas on the right and left, from the Küçükbalıklı Tube Passage to the City Square. Our work along the street was in progress. With the rail system work, there is a big change on the road. The rail system comes in the middle of the road. The rail system will operate in series. A different vision and beauty will be added to the region with 9 bridges in different architectural styles. There is a different city entrance. It will be finished by this time next year. In addition, while the rail system is built in the middle, the side roads remaining on the side of the street will be eliminated to a large extent, while 3 lane round trips are made. Certain sidewalks will remain. We've edited it thoroughly so that the whole image changes and becomes a true transformation. This arrangement was made in an area of ​​200 hectares at a depth of 160 meters. 2,5 precedents are given to all. Our goal is to trigger the transformation here. The construction must begin and large parcels must be formed here. We are working on triggering them. In Beşyol, which we bought and expropriated, 20 buildings were demolished on 61 decares. "We're going to put it on sale next month," he said.

Underlining that two separate facilities can be built on a 20-decare area in Beşyol, a tourism facility, commercial area, hospital or educational institution can be built here, President Altepe said, “After we finish this place, we will enter the other parcels while selling this. If we leave the region to itself, it is not enough to make a very good plan and make 2,5 precedents. We buy the parcels on the island. Or we say 'Give us your authority'. We say 'Let's turn it into a single parcel and sell it'. Here, the municipality just shouldn't hurt. The money spent by the municipality should not be wasted. We have an area of ​​20 thousand square meters. There will be two separate facilities there. We are selling it next month. This will trigger other parcels. We are also starting our movement. Our goal is to change the entire area at depths of 200-250 while doing the rail system landscaping. The same is true in Çelebi Mehmet and Murat Hüdavendigar boulevards. To set it in motion. Buildings built will also be withdrawn. The road will become wider. These will also allow for significant transformation in the city. It will come out soon. It was also an important decision today. This decision needs to be implemented quickly. We will do our part, ”he said.

2,5-10 storey buildings with 12 precedent increase learned that if the facility serves tourism, building floors can be up to 20.

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