X-HALL Day will stop in Dürönü-Organize Line

Kayseri Rail System Düvenönü-Organized Line 8 Day Will Stop: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System Head Ferhat Bingol, Highways Crossing under the rail system will pass under the crossing, for underpass work on the rail line and other fabrications will be made Bingöl, 3 February - 11 February due to this work between the rail system in the specified section should be stopped.

Due to the overpass and overpass work carried out by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality at the Highways Junction, the Rail System will not be able to serve on the Düvenönü-Organized Industrial route between 3-11 February. Those who want to go to the Organized Industry by rail system will be transported by bus transfer from Düvenönü Station.

The work carried out by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality at the Junction of Highways is continuing to relieve traffic and ensure uninterrupted flow. Due to the studies carried out, the rail system service will not be available for a while between Düvenönü-Organize Sanayi. 3 Starting from February to 11 February, all stations from Düvenönü Station to Organized Industrial Station will be closed to service.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Head Ferhat Bingöl said on the subject that the traffic will be relieved and uninterrupted due to the work to be done in order to make the citizens expect understanding from the citizens. Since the underpass at the Highways Junction will pass beneath the rail system, Bingöl, who stated that forekazık and other productions will be made on the rail system line for the underpass operation, stated that due to these works, 3 should stop the operation of the railway system between February and 11 February.

Bingöl, edil Our passengers will be transported on the Ildem - Düvenönü line and Talas - Meydan with a rail system. However, the transportation of our passengers between Organize Sanayi and Düvenönü will be carried out by buses. We expect the understanding of all our passengers for the inconvenience and we would like to offer all our citizens the opportunity to work for the 24 hour to complete our work as soon as possible Verm.


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