Apaydın Participated in the Iftar of TCDD Employees in İzmir

İsa Apaydın
İsa Apaydın

Apaydın, TCDD employees in Izmir participated in the Iftar: TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, 13 June 2017 Tuesday 3 of Izmir. Participated in iftar program organized by Urla Education and Recreation Facilities by Regional Directorate.

Assistant General Manager Ismail Murtazaoğlu, Head of Department, Head of Department, 3. Regional Manager and staff attended.

TCDD 3. Apaydın, who came to the podium after the salutation speech of Selim Koçbay, the Regional Manager, said that they made a different application in the month of Ramadan this year and they came together with the employees of the region and said that they were happy to meet with the employees in İzmir after Malatya, Adana and Afyon. .

TL 60 billion TL has been invested in railways “

Noting that the railway activities in 1856, especially during the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk period, were in a period of stagnation since 1950, Apaydın said: 'Since 2003, the railways have become a state policy with the support of our state. So far, we have invested in 60 billion TL on railways. We built a new railway line at 1.805 km. An important part of them is the fast train. Ankara-Konya- Istanbul- Eskişehir lines were commissioned and flights started. With the intense interest and interest of the public, our management continues rapidly imiz.

“We did it together“

Apaydın underlined that they have transformed the 3.010 km line with 2.228 km line signal and added ın We have renewed our 10 thousand km line with the great contributions and sacrifices of our regions. We have accomplished these with you. I hope you will reach the goals of 2023 with your support and contributions. İn

”Ankara-Izmir YHT Line will be opened in 2020“

Apaydın noted that they had come to İzmir by examining the works in Afyon, Uşak, Manisa, İzmir and Tire lines together with the authorities and continued as follows; Iz We hope to bring YHT to Izmir as soon as possible. Ankara-Izmir line will be opened in 2020 and travel time will be 3.5 hours-.

Apaydın said, Ap In this way, transportation will be provided to both Izmir and Ankara and to important places of our country in less time. Important investments are made in our Izmir region. Our electrification and signaling works continue on our 8.000 km line. Yaklaşık

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