BTS, the reason for the increase in train accidents the privatization of railways

BTS, the reason for the increase in train accidents the privatization of railways: The United Transport Workers Union (BTS), which made an announcement about the accident of two trains from Adapazarı to Pendik, said that the main problem was the privatization of the railways under the name of restructuring and the arrangements and practices implemented within this scope.
Ada Expresi from Adapazari to Pendik and 3 were injured as a result of collision of the freight train from the opposite direction in Sapanca Rüstempaşa Mevkii.
Commenting on the subject, BTS, large-scale railway boilers in the last period of a large increase in the boiler, he said.
BTS, yesterday (19) Sivas Demirdağ'da warnings about the accident, stating that yönetim TCDD management, despite the increase in accidents and continuity, it is clear that do nothing to prevent it. Because if they had taken the necessary precautions, there would not be so many accidents Çünkü.
Underlining that the main problem is the privatization of the railroads under the name of restructuring and the arrangements implemented in this context, BTS stressed that TCDD is not tired of stepping on the steps to prevent accidents and stopping the feet.
”We have been living for a long time in which TCDD employees are victims“
Un Up to the present date, staff working in the title of machinist were civil servants. However, this task has been carried out by workers' mechanics for some time, üler said BTS.
Under the name of restructuring, the regulations for the liquidation of the railway does not reflect mainly passengers, large accidents that do not result, only TCDD employees who suffered a long process of expressing BTS, especially in the last period of the railway traffic disruption, staff and passengers injured and said that led to the loss of life .
Emphasizing that the real causes of these accidents were ignored by TCDD management, BTS said:
Responsibility is only imposed on the personnel. However, the TCDD management responsible for these accidents and the policies that brought TCDD to this point are the political power. And if the accidents are no more, the reason is that the railway workers work devotedly despite all sorts of negativity.
Today, leaving the situation of railways and the solution of problems experienced; to conduct investigations, to punish the personnel involved in the accident does not mean that I have fulfilled my responsibility, to take steps to end the practices that cause accidents to occur frequently.

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