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Üsküdar-Beykoz Metro to Open in 2021

Üsküdar-Beykoz Metro will be Opened in 2021: Üsküdar Municipality 2017 budget was discussed in the city council and accepted by majority of votes. Investment and projects planned in the district and expenditure items of the directorate [more…]

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Akçaabatta ropeway project begins

The cable car project begins in Akçaabat: The cable car project to be built in Akçaabat was discussed. Preliminary work for the cable car project to be established by Akçaabat Municipality has been completed. Project on the project [more…]

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Kartal Pendik Tavsantepe Metro Line Opened

Kartal-Pendik-Tavsantepe metro line opened: in Istanbul Kadıköy-The flights started at 06.00:2019 on the Kartal-Pendik-Tavsantepe line, which is a continuation of the Kartal metro line. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality “More than 400 Kilometers of Metro Networks in XNUMX” [more…]

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Kartal - Pendik Metro line opens

Kartal - Pendik Metro line opens: Istanbul Kadıköy-The 4-kilometer-long Kartal-Pendik-Tavsantepe Metro line, which is the continuation of the Kartal Metro Line, will be on Monday, October 10, at 06.00:XNUMX [more…]