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Call for strike support from İZBAN workers

IZBAN workers call for support to strike: IZBAN workers organized in Demiryol-Is Union made a written statement about the TIS process and strike decision that could not be reached. The workers in İZBAN, whose agreement was not reached in the collective bargaining negotiations, said “ [more…]


Fast train to Malatya

High-speed train is very slow for Malatya: CHP Deputy Chairman Agbaba reacted to the announcement of the future of the high-speed train in Malatya as the gospel of 2023. AKP MPs high-speed train as a show material for years [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT insured travel period began

The period of insured travel has started at IETT: The passenger is insured against all kinds of accidents and terrorist incidents that may occur from the beginning to the end of the travel service. Buses, metrobus, nostalgic tram and [more…]

rough marti project
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Kabataş Seagull Construction Works Viewed From Air

Kabataş Seagull construction work viewed from the air:Kabataş Renovation project of piers with Square Arrangement and Transfer CenterKabataş The works in the construction of the “Seagull” were viewed from the air. Its construction will take 2 years and when it is completed, its appearance will change to the seagull. [more…]

41 Kocaeli

Kartepe Ski Center season preparation

Season preparation at Kartepe Ski Center: The season is about to start in Kartepe, one of Turkey's most important winter tourism centers. The beauties of autumn are currently being experienced at the summit, and it is stated that the season will open in December if it snows. EVERY 12 YEARS [more…]

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Working at Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center

Working at Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center: Transportation, infrastructure and electrical energy improvement works have been started at Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center in Gediz District of Kütahya. Transportation, infrastructure, electricity to Muratdagi Thermal Ski Center, which is 30 km from Gediz [more…]

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Metrobus drive safety cabinet standard set

Metrobus driver safety cabin standard was determined: Metrobus drivers should not be beaten with umbrellas, and the button "Let Özgecans not die" came as a 'standard'. Being 'approved' in the 'window film' that confronts millions of drivers with traffic cops [more…]

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ATLAS Award Will Be Exported This Year

ATLAS Award Will Be Given To Exporters This Year: The excitement of Atlas Logistics Awards has reached its peak. After the applications close on November 4, the award kazanMoments will be determined and the awards ceremony will be held on 17 November. [more…]