Gospel from Samaria to the Citizen

Announcement from Samulaş to the Citizen: Samulaş Board Member Kadir Gürkan gave information about the ongoing Light Rail System Transportation. Samulaş Board Member Gürkan; “As of October 17, 2016, University Tekkeköy [more…]

Sivas ta freight train and maneuver train crash
Intercity Railways

Sivasta Freight Train and Maneuver Train Collide

The freight train and the maneuver train collided in Sivas: 4 machinist was slightly injured as a result of the collision of the freight train and the maneuver train in Divriği district of Sivas. The accident happened near Demirdağ station in Divrigi district in the evening. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Flow, Trains

Akar, Kocaelililer Longing for the Train: CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, the longing for the train to Kocaeli said. CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa train canceled in 2012 due to high speed train project [more…]


Tramway torment to Samsun

Tram torture to Samsun residents: The rail system in Samsun reached Tekkeköy, but the citizens rebelled this morning because the trams arrived late and full. Light rail system in Samsun as of yesterday OMÜ – Tekkeköy [more…]


High-speed train to Tekirdag

Tekirdag high-speed gospel: AK Party Tekirdag deputy Mustafa Yel, the government said about the projects aimed at Tekirdag, said they want to implement the high-speed train project next year. KAPIKULE RING LINE [more…]

98 Iran

Turkey-Iran railway transport

Turkey-Iran railway transportation: Turkish Republic State Railways (TCDD) Deputy Head of Freight Department Naci Özçelik stated that they aim to increase the transportation volume between Turkey and Iran to one million tons. In Tehran, the capital of Iran, “Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, [more…]

35 Izmir

Suicide Upon Jumping In Front Of İZBAN Train

İZBAN Commits Suicide by Jumping in Front of Train: Izmir Karşıyaka 62-year-old Mustafa Şahin, who was depressed for an undetermined reason in his district, committed suicide by jumping in front of the İZBAN train, which makes the Cumaovası-Aliağa expedition. The event is today [more…]

basaksehir kayasehir metro line
34 Istanbul

Başaşşehir Kayaşehir Metro Line Extends

Başakşehir Kayaşehir Metro Line Extends: Kabataş While the Bağcılar Tramway goes underground between Seyitnizam and Zeytinburnu stops, Başakşehir-Kayaşehir Metro Line will also be extended. Kabataş- While going underground between the Seyitnizam and Zeytinburnu stations of Bağcılar Tram, [more…]

Intercity Railways

Apaydın Speaks at Rail Systems Symposium

Apaydın Spoken at the Rail Systems Symposium: 3. International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium was held at 13 October 2016 in Karabük University. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, the liberalization of the railway sector, internationally accepted [more…]