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Metrobus attacker blames driver

The Metrobus attacker blamed the driver: On the 23rd of September in Istanbul Acıbadem, the metrobus driver, Recai Türkoğlu, who had been discussing in the vehicle, struck with the umbrella in his hand and took the metrobus out of the way. [more…]

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Accident on Metrobus Road (Video)

Metrobus road accident: A vehicle entering the metrobus road in Istanbul Sefaköy collided with the metrobus. The driver of the car, which hit the metrobus in a catastrophic accident, died. 34 from Sefököy to Yenibosna [more…]

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Eurasia Tunnel Has Not Passed The SAI

The Eurasia Tunnel has not passed through the Court of Accounts: The state guarantee in the projects carried out with the build-operate-transfer model has been fitted to the TCA. The method of realizing the mega projects of the AKP government is the build-transfer (BOT) model, in the classroom under the supervision of the Court of Accounts. [more…]

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Cooperation for Kanal Istanbul

Cooperation for Kanal Istanbul: In 2017, large-scale infrastructure projects that affect more than one institution and sector will be implemented in order to ensure cooperation between public institutions. [more…]

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Bomb attack on freight train in Erzincan

Bomb attack on the freight train in Erzincan: In Erzincan, during the passage of the freight train, an explosion occurred on the rails According to the information received, in the Cebesu locality of the Küplü village of Kemah district of Erzincan, [more…]

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Istanbul's First Havaray Project Tenders

Istanbul's first project of the project is underway: The tender for the project, which is planned to be realized in Istanbul, will be held on December in 7. Sefaköy- Halkalı- Construction, electro-mechanical works of Başakşehir Havaray line and [more…]