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Change in the traffic flow of Martyrs Avenue

Change in the traffic flow of Şehitler Caddesi: Due to the construction of the underground storage facility to be built in Halkapınar for the new metro vehicles, the traffic flow in the region has been changed since Saturday. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System [more…]

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Metrobus attacker blames driver

Metrobus attacker accused the driver: 23 in Istanbul Acıbadem In September, Metrobus driver Recai Türkoğlu, who was arguing in the car, hit the metrobus with the umbrella in his hand while causing the metrobus to get out of the way and 11 caused an injury. [more…]

early warning system will be installed on vehicles to prevent metrobus accidents
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Accident on the Metrobus Road

Accident on the metrobus road: A vehicle entering the metrobus road in Istanbul Sefaköy collided with the metrobus. The driver of the car that crashed into the metrobus in the tragic accident died. The driver of the car with plate 34 MH 939 going from Sefököy to Yenibosna [more…]

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Eurasia Tunnel Has Not Passed The SAI

The Eurasian Tunnel Has Not Passed the Court of Accounts: The state guarantee for the projects carried out with the build-operate-transfer model has been attached to the Court of Accounts. The method of realization of mega projects of the AKP government remained in the class under the supervision of the Court of Auditors. Discussion in each project [more…]

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Cooperation for Kanal Istanbul

Cooperation for Kanal Istanbul: In 2017, measures will be taken to ensure cooperation between public institutions in large-scale, large-scale infrastructure projects affecting multiple institutions and sectors. Investment Program Preparation Guidelines [more…]

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17. International Oludeniz Air Games Festival Has Started

International Oludeniz Air Games Festival Begins: The International Oludeniz Air Games Festival, which was held this year in the Fethiye district of Muğla this year, started with the opening ceremony. Fethiye Tourism Promotion Culture Environment under the leadership of Fethiye Municipality [more…]

the first havaray
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Istanbul's First Havaray Project Tenders

Istanbul's first havaray project is going out to tender: The tender of the havaray project, which is planned to be implemented in Istanbul, will be held on December 7. Sefaköy- Halkalı- Başakşehir Havaray line for construction, electro-mechanical works and vehicle purchase 7 December [more…]

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Tramway work in Izmir citizen revolted now

The tram works in Izmir have now revolted the citizens: Images that do not suit the contemporary city of Izmir… The streets and avenues where the tramway works continue, there are scenes that do not suit Izmir. Especially caused by the tram work that has been going on for months [more…]