In the US now also suspected person alarm, Metro stops were stopped

Suspect alarm in the USA, Metro services have been stopped: Police teams, who were on alert after an armed attack in Dallas, USA, searched with SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams in the Dallas Police Department parking lot after a notice. .
The unrest in the city after the attack by Micah X. Johnson, who was found to be a substitute soldier in the US Army and found in Afghanistan, continues to increase its influence due to the assault by the organization ted Black Power Political Organization Amerikan and its threats to the security forces.
Dallas police, who started to serve as a dual team after the attack, increased the security measures around the vehicles placed in front of the Dallas Police Department. A patrol crew was placed next to the vehicles, while snipers on the roofs of the surrounding buildings provided security throughout the day.
The search took hours, the subway stopped
Police alerted him with a warning received in the evening, and searched the 3 multidimensional carpark of the Dallas Police Department. K9 police dogs and armored vehicles were used in the search conducted with helicopter assisted snipers and SWAT teams.
While the roads leading to the Dallas Police Department were closed to traffic during the hours-long search, light rail passing through the environment was suspended. The police also asked the journalists not to broadcast live during the search.
Dallas police said the search had been carried out for a suspected person, but no suspicious cases were found.

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