Tram fled slowly to Samsun

The tram ran slowly to Samsun: İshak Memişoğlu, President of the Chamber of Architects Samsun Branch, stated that the hike on the tram in Samsun will force the budget of the citizen, “The tram fled to Samsun slowly because the cost is very high. Citizens have no reaction regarding the raise, either.
İshak Memişoğlu, President of Samsun Branch of the Chamber of Architects, said that the tram investment in Samsun is very costly compared to the economic structure of the city. Noting that the citizens do not react to the price hikes that will come into effect, Memişoğlu said, "If it were in Europe, it would move from place to place".
Stating that the population with income levels below the middle is dense in Samsun and the transportation expenses have a very important place in the budget, Memişoğlu said, “The right thing in the understanding of social municipality is to keep these expenses down as much as possible. It seems that the cost of the tram is high and the cost must be reflected in the prices. It does not seem like an outlier procedure. But the tram service was a bit slow for Samsun. Because electricity, investment and initial construction costs are high. However, this road can be used without laying the currently laid rails. Moreover, this investment was made with a loan. It is possible to mortgage the revenues of the future city ”
Noting that the tram is one of the most modern and best solutions in public transportation, Memişoğlu continued as follows; But when we think about the reality of Samsun, it is expensive. While there were serious criticisms about the cost of the first stage, the second stage could be solved in the form of a metrobus, not a rail. Of course, there is a price to use this mode of transportation. Maybe it could be supported by using other sources, but Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is already constantly investing, and it seems that the municipality does not have such an opportunity under today's conditions. Currently, efforts are made to continue the rail system. In our opinion, the continuation of the rail system is an excessive and unnecessary investment. With the line already established, it could be solved more economically by using the wheeled BRT, not the rail system. But now the conditions are being made with difficulties, and such increases are needed to continue these investments. Here, the main task falls on the citizen. As a trade association, we want our people to benefit from transportation in better conditions. The response of the citizen is more correct at this point, but the truth is that I cannot see a reaction from the citizen. So there is no problem for the citizen either, we are worried of course, but when they do not react, there is not much left to tell us. Due to minor hikes, they are playing in Europe from place to place, but unfortunately, the citizen is willing to everything. "



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