Trams in Izmit

In Izmit, the tram was ordeal: We received the opinion of the citizen about the tram, which is thought to have increased the traffic problem of İzmit. Many people are not even convinced that the tram, which he believes to grow up to, is necessary.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 'will-do not-do' discussions between the first dig for the tram hit. For the tram, there was nothing to be done, but Yahya Kaptan District, which was famous for its green areas, first started to cut trees and made the tram first. Yahya captain did not consent to the cutting of the trees and the destruction of the green areas. However, the municipality left no tree nor green area on the route. However, the problem did not disappear with the disappearance of these green areas on the route. Victimization and rebellion exceeded the area where the green areas were destroyed, this time from home to work, the job to return home from the path to torture turned. Because of the tram works, the roads were closed for the infrastructure works, then the tracks for the rail works, the routes changed, at some points the roads started to become blocked. The two-step road 1 began to multiply the hour, the people rebelled from the traffic, the solution sought, but nobody was there.
Tramway infrastructure work on the entire route of the public traffic congestion, transportation, dust and mud, while the shopkeepers also suffered the loss of customers because of the flag of rebellion. Yahya Kaptan, Mehmet Ali Pasha Three traders in the region, stated that the bankruptcy stage, and the opening of the path found in the urgent ways. The violence of the rioting cry in the main arteries, where the tramway passes, has fallen a little bit now. First, because the schools closed, then went to Ramadan, then 9 day holiday for the citizens threw offshore for the holiday, the city emptied. The rest of them do not go out much of their homes. However, the citizen, especially with the opening of schools and the beginning of rainfall, is worried about the renewed scenes of the old maddening scenes. Here, the citizens of Izmit traffic across this landscape and the thoughts about the tram.


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