Hopa business world wants to share, not impose from Ankara

The Hopa business world wants to share, not impose, from Ankara: The main demands of the Hopa business world from Ankara are; Logistics and customs gate, establishment of OIZ, tourism support, Hopa-Batum railway connection and Kars-Iğdır Serhad Attraction Region connections projects.
A discourse in Artvin, which I heard from Zafer Aydemir, was like the document of the chile reflected from the depth of the geography of the society: id Dagestan mountain place / Georgia rose place / Long live Acaristan diloy balam / The abundant place of the girls / The furgan comes from Batum / The horses are tired / Kimi Asar, who cuts wow / caravan full of caravan comes. ar
Indeed, today's problems, stresses and robberies in both the content has changed and can be differentiated meaning and scope. In the eastern part of the Black Sea, we met with friends in Hopa to understand what was going on in the immediate vicinity of the country's second most moving customs gate. Osman Akyürek, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Reşat Aydın, the Speaker of the Assembly, and Zekerya Yalçın, the leading businessman of the region, traveled to the hopes of Kafdağı in the winds of an intimate conversation. Then we wanted to see the whole picture by discussing the problems of the region with Mayor Nedim Cihan.
The opinion leaders in Hopa and in the region are insisting on the five important agenda items: 1) Moving the foundation of the OIZ in Kemalpaşa to life, 2) Relations with Georgia and the restructuring of the customs gate and the removal of obstacles to the logistics problems, 3) To stimulate tourism in the region 4) Hopa-Batumi railway project to be auctioned immediately, 5) Moving to the seaside gate of Hopa Port and connecting roads of the Kars-Iğdır attraction area as soon as possible from the project stage to the investment stage.
Organized industrial Zone
Osman Akyürek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hopa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: aşa The most important item of our agenda is to carry an Organized Industrial Zone to life in. In our country, there is no OIZ in Artvin only; We are working hard to complete this deficiency, biz he said. . We visited the OIZs in the West with the organization of our Chairman of the Board of Directors, we benefited from their experiences and tried to make our own knowledge sufficient to do the right thing yap. Akyürek, ept OB about the need and demand before we moved. 69 application has already been made to us. For the OIZ, we have completed nearly 650 acreage work as sketch and ground survey reports. Approximately 93 acres of this land is the Treasury land. We foresee that the square meter costs in the region, including the purchase of treasury locations and private property areas, will be at the level of 20-30 TL ged and shared their knowledge about the current stage.
I recalled that the period of mixed industrial zones was closed to compete worldwide. I explained the discovery of competitive production areas in the region, the definition of the desired development and the importance of establishing the communication according to it. I underlined the fact that the mistakes made in most of the OIZs exceeding 280 in our country should not be repeated by remembering the principle of sensitive commitment to the starting point. Zekerya Yalçın, the business person, explained the reason for this warning: ya Your reason may be justified in developed regions in the West. We want to create a region that considers both the conditions of the East Black Sea Basin and the developments in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Central Asian countries. In our region, it needs a lot of time and accumulation for the transition to the specialized area. That is why it is necessary to have a mixed region karma.
Hopa-Batumi railway total 33 km. Port, railway and OSB should be considered together. They say it would be realistic to create an OIZ for the needs of Kars-Iğdır Serhat Attraction Zone, Artvin-Rize line of Erzurum and its surroundings, the Trans-Caucasian Countries and Central Asian countries.
Relations with Georgia
In Hopa, it is understood from the joint statements of the elected and appointed managers in their joint statements about the agenda items that they work in harmony. Osman Akyürek, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, “We have gained knowledge by experiencing the effects of good relations with neighbors on the development of the economy with various examples in the recent period. Relations with Georgia are of vital importance for us. We need to maintain relations with the understanding and dynamics of two equal states. We should not forget the words of our ancestors who said, 'The neighbor needs the ashes of the neighbor'. Georgia is an important country for Turkey, but it has a different importance and value for us living in the Eastern Black Sea Basin. Gradually improving our relationships, more depth and intensity kazanWe have to have a strategy to prevent this from happening, and we should clearly explain this strategy especially to our people who go there to do business, and we should prevent contrary behaviors. As in many places, it is primarily our duty to prevent behaviors that create a negative image about our country and our people.
While the relations with Georgia are discussed, the events at Sarp Customs Gate stand out. Zekerya Yalçın said, inin One-quarter of the land we used on the Georgian side was used. But they have designed so much that the operations there can be done much more closely than our door. Georgia simplified the legislation, gave customs procedures to the supervision and supervision of a single authority. In our case, the 6 ministry, the 6 separate authority and a large number of officials are creating a result, such as delaying the work rather than solving them Biz. The personnel working in customs should be under the roof of a single ministry. Osman Akyürek To explain the importance of Sarp Border Gate “We must work in harmony with Georgia. 7.5 million people enter and exit from the Sarp Gate. This is the reason why the 18 bank branch exists in Hopa although there are 11 thousand people. One day in the 32 thousand people crossed the border crossing. We have 7 C carnival transport company in Rize.
In Hopa, the 40 is a transportation company with a C-carnet and the 2 has a thousand tractors. Hop People living in Hopa and under the stone of their hands want to build political relations with neighboring Georgia on a healthy ground. In customs, where the neighboring country has a transaction, our administration is annoyed by the fact that 5 has been dealing separately. 9 is one thousand square meters in Georgia, and in our country, there is a non-linear inverse relationship between the size and the coefficient of processing.
Supports to boost tourism
Reşat Aydın, drawing attention to the development of tourism in the Black Sea settlements, explains the importance of taking additional-measures in sections when the crossings from the Sarp Border Gate rise. The “time” queues stretching from Sarp to Kemalpaşa kazanIt wants this “deterrent effect” to be taken into account, as it causes “a waste of time” rather than a “sense of time”. Referring to the efforts to restructure the Sarp Customs Gate, he said, “Decisions should not be made in Ankara and imposed on us. As people living here, our knowledge and experience should be listened to and reflected in the measures to be taken so that it contributes to the tourism in the region, so that the rapidly developing tourism in Batumi and the wealth created by the developments in tourism in the Eastern Black Sea region from Artvin to Rize and even Trabzon can be shared.
Mayor Osman Akyürek says, ”The inclusion of Artvin in the scope of tourism support has made important initiatives for us and we are closely following it” and, It is our most important expectation that Artvin is included in the scope of ARDSI Başkan.
Connecting Hopa-Batum railway line
We mentioned the Hopa-Batumi railway project. 33 km will reach the world's largest market. This project was approved by the request of our chamber and interviews and the report prepared by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (GDY). While the opinion leaders in Hopa talk about the importance of increasing the logistics activities, mobilizing tourism, enriching the relations with Iran and strengthening the connections between Armenia, Azerbaijan and the central Asian countries, er The connection road between Batumi and 33 should be considered in the integrity of the region. Hop they say. Osman Akyürek, Reşat Aydın and Zekerya Yalçın put forward the common view: en After Trabzon, we have the most effective chamber of commerce and industry, and we will make our room one of the accredited rooms. We have invested heavily in the administration building, we will open it in the near future. Our future-oriented projects do not require too much investment: the Black Sea road, Artvin-Erzurum, Şavşet-Ardahan-Kars connection roads are important. If all investments can be made simultaneously, it means meaning. Eastern Black Sea and Serhat Attraction Zone should be a project with integrity. The discipline of ownership must be applied to this region just as a new airport is being built ken and they reveal their expectations and intentions.
Sea gate of Kars-Igdir Attraction Zone
We are also discussing the position of Hopa in the face of the'n Creating Kars-Iğdır Attraction Region Caz thesis. President Akyürek said, in Hopa is the gateway to Kars-Iğdır Attraction Zone; indispensable The projects of the Sahara Tunnel are over; tender will be made. Thus, Kars-Ardahan Şavşat road road transportation will be shortened; speed, flexibility and safety. Mainly divided roads to Artvin were completed. 50 kilometers from Artvin-Erzurum road turnout to Şavşat. Şamşat-Ardahan will be built between the Sahara Tunnel and the 30 will land in kilometers. Artır If the road construction of the 150 kilometer is completed up to Kars and Iğdır, the connection roads will significantly increase the attractiveness of the region for investment Kars.
Zekerya Yalçın, looking at the business person, saying, alın The idea of ​​local business people should be taken in this regard dır, Parliament Speaker Reşat Aydın said, at If Kars-Iğdır Attraction Zone is to be considered as a big project, reorganization of Hopa Port and simultaneous completion of connection roads. , tunnel auctions should be done as soon as possible. The connection between the railway and Batumi is also very important. Demir
Plans of Hopa Mayor Nedim Cihan
Mayor Nedim Cihan reminds us of his election promises and the problems to be solved and says they will do their part:
• Ensuring unity and solidarity between all elected government and civil initiative managers in Hopa,
• Completion of incomplete investments of the city,
• Purification of non-treated water supply,
• Disposal of urban wastes by deep discharge,
• Renewal of asbestos pipes of water distribution system,
• Construction of a modern city hall,
• To be a follower of the investments that will remedy unemployment,
• Hopa has a population of 18 thousand. 32 thousand people can pass through here in a day during holidays. To meet the needs in a healthy way,
• 350 thousand square meters of land from the sea kazanby transforming it into spaces that improve people's quality of life.
• Creation of a new wealth production area after tea and hazelnuts,
• In the past, the crises in Ankara and Istanbul were not reflected, but are now reflected; taking this factor into account,
• OSB is a vital issue for our region.

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