Let's Become a City, We Are Now Facing Division

Let 's be the province, we are now facing the division: In this 6-7 years ago, the work was carried out as the province of Tarsus. Signature campaigns, press releases or something like that would not be prayer. But now we are facing a bigger problem. Tarsus will be divided in two.
This cry is rising recently from Tarsus, "High-speed train Tarsus'i divided into two" he. Yes, the carpet is a far cry. it is indeed a big problem for Tarsus to divide Tarsus with the wall resembling the T Berlin Wall gerçekten.
Tarsus citizens of Tarsus right up to this question, right now they ask themselves the right question: uy In Tarsus for the infrastructure of the High Train 5 men have been working for years. TCDD 5 has started the project of this project years ago. Is Tarsus' managers realizing this? Why didn't the 5 get this cry out years ago? Neden
An unfair question, I think no question to the end of a question that is right. The real Tarsus bureaucrats were aware of this project now or did they not hear their voices, this is the conundrum. 5 years ago, this line would have been pulled out, maybe the line was pulled under the ground, but now is almost impossible. Because the guys have finished everything. Here is the phrase that we frequently use as famous here comes into action. Devre Atı Alan Uskudar passed. İşte
Yes, there has been a hard work for the removal of lines between Adana and Mersin on 4 lines. Between Adana-Tarsus and Mersin, a pillar of each 100 meter was planted. 5 As this work continued for years, those who did not see this work and were ignored now, acted as if the fast train would not divide Tarsus.
Okay, split it, but this cry isn't going to happen this day, 5 years ago, gentlemen. Would you not look again, the District Traffic Board will be closed, the level crossings would be closed for only one day and the level crossings were allowed to pass the pedestrian and Ankara, "If there is a fast train passes in Tarsus life will be like this" would not be more effective if the message was given? I think it would be Bence
It is very difficult but hopefully positive results will be given if the current efforts are positive. Or Tarsus will lose .. By saying Let's be province, we are now divided into two Yoksa

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