Buying Tickets is Now Easier with the Voice Search Feature

With the help of voice dialing, ticketing is now easier: the first and only online ticketing site that offers buses, airplanes, sea buses and TCDD tickets. Biletallhas launched the renewed website for many different uses.

A first in the online ticket industry and developed with Google Chrome 'Voice Ticket Search' function; the preferred travel tool, the date and the route of the alternative in seconds, all alternatives are displayed. Along with the voice ticket search function, 3 shows the cheapest ticket between daily results and the cheapest alternative means of transportation, BiletallIt is one of the new functions it offers.

Established with the TÜBİTAK project called National Ticket Distribution System in 2006, Biletall continues to attract attention with its innovations. After the Ticketall Blog feature, which was added to the site in order to provide guidance and cultural information to the passengers, many innovations were added to the site this year. Developed with Google Chrome, Turkey in general 140 over the bus company and the domestic - foreign 500 over airline ticket with artificial intelligence technology that enables search by voice command feature 'Voice and Smart Ticket Search' bar the transportation sector was also offered a first. Passengers will use this feature to travel the date, route and transportation means to reach the cheapest tickets within seconds.

How do I travel cheaper?

This question is asked by all passengers on their journey. Biletall it also offers the answer to this question in its new features. Both 2 different ways. The site offers an alternative means of transport, with the dates and prices selected before, and after the 3 daily travel offer, the same dates and a cheaper ticket for the route. The offer of more affordable fare transportation is also applied for the first time in the online ticketing industry such as voice ticket search. Passengers will be able to buy the tickets they want in seconds and save money on both time and ticket. Biletall shares the daily weather, local flavors and must-see places for passengers in the scope of the guidance service.

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