Kanal Istanbul to increase the population of Thrace to 45 million

The Channel will Raise the Population of Thrace to 45 Million: Experts warned of the dangers that will occur in the implementation of the Kanal Istanbul Project, which is announced as a 'crazy project Kanal by the government.

One of the regulations in the Bag Law, adopted last week in the Assembly General Assembly, was the article related to the Kanal Istanbul Project, which was announced as a 'crazy project' by the government. The project was announced that the 2016 will start in the summer months and the regulation prevented the sale of Treasury and private land on the waterway and other purposes. However, experts warned against the dangers in the implementation of the project. Cemal Gökçe, President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, pointed out that the region will experience a serious population problem. Gökçe said, a This project will increase the immigration to Istanbul to the population of 25 million and the population of the Thrace region will reach 40-45 million with Istanbul. This area accounts for approximately 8 percent of Turkey's land in the population can not afford it. Even today, meeting the water demand, which is a big problem from time to time, will cause even greater problems in the future. Bugün

The Bag Law adopted the technical details of the Kanal Istanbul Project, planned to be built in Istanbul, as well as the monthly bonding for 65 citizens, compulsory traffic insurance, and the reconstruction of the Sur district of Diyarbakir. According to the law; Kanal Istanbul Project will be accelerated. The land and lands belonging to the Treasury and the special administration that hit the waterway to be built cannot be used for any other purpose that cannot be sold by the municipality and special administrations due to public requirement and public interest. Cemal Gökçe, President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, said the discussions and warnings about the investments to be made were ignored. Gökçe said, ü Plans carried out with a scientific knowledge and participatory approach carry a prediction that will cover the long years of the future. 50 annually determines the 100 annual future of a region and a country. 3. Bridge and 3. The airport and the structures like this should also be considered in this context. Havaalanı


'Istanbul Channel Project' was put into the bag and brought to the agenda of the Parliament 'Water Path' definition of the waterways have been given a legal status that draw attention Gökçe made the following assessment: d This project will completely disrupt the ecosystem of the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara and already 'finished-finished' Istanbul ' un lasting unfortunately never thought. Science and knowledge people who are working on the results of this project; They have brought to the agenda that Istanbul's life support systems, northern forests, watersheds, agriculture and pasture areas, groundwater and biodiversity threats and underground water drainage will be disrupted. İstanbul

Gökçe also mentioned that it is doubtful whether the project will be kept secret and leş Bucharest Convention signed in 1992 and de Protocol on the Conservation of Landscaping in Black Sea Biodiversity “which came into force in 2011; i The project concerns many countries on the shore of the Black Sea. proje

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