TÜLOMSAŞ's certificate was issued to the new car

Certificate was granted to the new cars produced by the TÜLOMSAŞ: Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) produced by "Eanoss" type wagon Technical Terms of the Interoperability (TSI) were given certificates. In the written statement made by the General Directorate of TÜLOMSAŞ, on the international railway lines [more…]

16 Bursa

Cable car free to children in April at 23 in Bursa

23 in Bursa, children's cable car free in April: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 23 April National Sovereignty Day, the children will almost live 'ropeway feast', in the hands of the Turkish Flag and kite children, children can go to Uludag with the cable car free. Due to the expensive price tariff mostly [more…]

35 Izmir

Signalization failure in İZBAN

IZBAN signalization failure: Izmir Suburban System (IZBAN) signaling due to a failure on Sunday, the service is performed with a delay of three minutes. A card from Germany is expected to remedy the fault. In the signaling system of İZBAN working on the Aliağa- Cumaovası line on Sunday [more…]

962 Jordan

Restoration of the Hejaz Railway

Restoration of the Hejaz Railway: Jordan Hijaz Railway General Manager Luzi: - ic Hijaz is the oldest railway in the Middle East. Still in use. The expeditions to Syria stopped due to the recent incidents "- restoration agreement signed with Turkey consists of three parts [more…]

06 Ankara

High Speed ​​Train Hours

High Speed ​​Train Hours: Your preferred High Speed ​​Train (YHT) services have been updated for a faster, more comfortable, safer and more economical journey. You can view updated High Speed ​​Train schedule by clicking the table below. Similar Railway News and [more…]

42 Konya

Preparing Ropeway Project for Ivriz Region

İvriz Region is preparing a ropeway project: İvriz Region of Halkapınar attracts many local and foreign tourists. There is not a place to park in the area on some weekends. The municipality is preparing a ropeway project for an easy and comprehensive trip. [more…]

44 Malatya

Plan Change for Cable Car to Beydağ

Plan Change for the Cable Car to the Beydağ: The Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Council completed its April work with the third session. In the board meeting, which was held with the agenda of zoning, which was chaired by Şefik Şengün, the loan authorization for Çakır for the infrastructure investments of MASKİ was [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Bridge workers will be paid before Ramadan

The bonus workers will be paid before Ramazan: 3. It is reported that the bonuses to be given to the workers in the bridge and North Marmara Highway Project will be paid before the month of Ramadan. The Bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway Project are installed by the IC ICTAS-Astaldi Consortium. [more…]