25 Erzurum

Skiing in April at Palandöken

Skiing in April at Palandöken: While swimming on the Mediterranean coast, Erzurum people still enjoy skiing at Palandöken Ski Center. 5 minutes away from the sea and 3 at the height of 156 meters [more…]

06 Ankara

New arrangement in Batıkent metro line

New arrangement in the Batikent metro line: Due to the connection work between the Kecioren subway and the Batikent subway line, a new arrangement was introduced on the Batikent subway line, which will be implemented as of April 16. The construction of the Bolualti subway and the Batikent subway [more…]

16 Bursa

Returned from disaster in Bursaray

Bursarı'da returned to the disaster: a truck driver who lost his dominance in Bursa, Bursaray station plunged. In Bursa, the driver of the 16 V 3118 license plate couldn't get the speed, so he could stop by hitting Bursaray Osmangazi Station and breaking down the doors and doors. RETURNED FROM FACISE [more…]


Free transportation in goat

In Kocaeli, free transportation is solved: The members of Kocaeli Chamber of Minibuses and Buses announced that they will not move free with a press release on April. After the ministries and the Chamber of Buses stopped the free transportation decision, the Chairman of the AK Party Provincial Şemsettin [more…]


New Regulation on Tramways and Stops in Gaziantep

New Regulation on Trams and Stops in Gaziantep: Gar-Mavikent line of Gaziantep University (GAUN) until the completion of the extension work has been completed in the statement, the following information was given. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will connect two tramways by extending tram stops. Most important in the city [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray Breathed

Marmaray took the breath: Marmaray, which was opened by President Erdoğan at 2013, gave 1 million hours to 50 per year. Turkey's Marmaray mega-projects, was an example to the whole world as well as features. AK Party Directorate of Economic Affairs, Marmaray'ı [more…]

34 Istanbul

Is an Alternative to Marmaray (Video)

Is an alternative to Marmaray: In the Netherlands used as Splashtours both on the land and the sea bus to go to a joint project with South Korea was entered. If you are going to the city of Rotterdam, which is famous for its port of the Netherlands, you will probably not be unfamiliar with this news. [more…]