The villagers who slaughtered the expropriation closed the road to traffic

The villagers who were victims of expropriation closed the road to traffic: the members of the North Forest Defense in Eyüp and the inhabitants of 6 village, 3. Airport, Bridge, Yenişehir and Kanal Istanbul closed the road to traffic due to the fact that they were victims. The road was closed for about half an hour and the road was opened again.
The members of the Northern Forest Defense gathered at Eyüp Ağaçlı Junction and the residents of 6 Village came together on the grounds that they were victims of new projects planned to be built in the regions where they live. The villagers, who had banners with banners and banners in their hands, claimed that their homes and houses were taken away by means of 'expropriation'. The villagers claimed that the expropriated lands were intended to be taken away with small amounts.
Here, the press release prepared in the name of the surrounding villages connected to the town of Eyüp Mukhtar Village Headman Did Adnan. 150 started its activities by expressing that they have provided livelihood for agriculture and animal husbandry, especially for buffalo., This is one of the most important regions of our country. The total 80 50 thousand thousand head of buffalo in Turkey are grown in these villages at the foot of Istanbul, "he said.
See, tehdit However, the borders of Istanbul, which are growing and expanding every year, threaten us the most. The villagers were forced to leave their lands or were forced to work as workers in the luxury residences and workplaces built on their own lands.
Stating that the new projects demanded to be implemented in their region were the victims of the village residents, Gör said, belirten With the announcement that the third airport in Istanbul, the third bridge, the 2 million-penetrating Yenişehir and Kanal İstanbul projects will be carried out in this region, our villages have been flooded by real estate agents and those who want to buy land. While some of the villagers sell their land to these people, most of them continue to live in their villages by resisting. Due to the aforementioned projects, it has been tried to be valued between 300-400 TL per square meter of land in the region where nobody cares. Meanwhile, we lived in the villages in the region, unaware of where we are in this project, we were feeling uneasy without knowing what happened. Taki until the expulsion writings sent to our homes by TOKI. The article stated that all the lands of the villagers would be expropriated, including the houses where the villagers were living, while the expropriation cost included proposals between 20 and 22 TL per square meter of the current price in one of the 175. In fact, the 150 inherited through the inheritance throughout the year with the very little money from the still coming from the land of our lives can not be possible to continue our lives with the case, the offer to respond to the case was suspended for a while, the initiative attempted.
With the current 'urgent expropriation' law claiming that the war environment has been created, Gör said, desi This time, with the decision of the Council of Ministers, we want to take our house, our land and our land by implementing the law that will be valid in case of war. Only when there is a need for dormitory defense and urgency, the law will be implemented without any justification for the war without any justification ac.
After the announcement, the peasants marched on the walkway, then closed the traffic in Ağaçlı Crossroad on both sides. Some activists acted in front of the vehicles, while the drivers supported the action by honking. After about half an hour of action, the traffic was restored to normal.


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