34 Istanbul

3.Köprü attracted foreigners

3.Köprü attracted the attention of foreigners: KPMG Romanian President Serban Toader said the 3.Köprü bridge is needed on the Danube. Serban Toader, President of Romania of the International Audit and Consultancy Company KPMG, [more…]

506 Costa Rica

Train Crash in Costa Rica

Train Accident in Costa Rica: At least 50 people were injured as a result of the collision of two small suburban trains in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, one of the Central American countries. Authorities at the crash site, at low speed [more…]

35 Izmir

Due to the failure in İZBAN, flights fail

IZBAN'da malfunction occurred because of the flights disrupted: IZBAN'in Aliaga-Menemen line due to the previous evening's failure was interrupted. IZBAN due to the failure of the passengers reacted to the situation can not provide transportation. Aliağa with Menemen [more…]

34 Istanbul

Person Crashed by Metrobus in Istanbul Dies

Person Hit by Metrobus Loses His Life in Istanbul: The person hit by metrobus at the station in Perpa lost his life. The deceased was selling water on the E-5 Highway, while escaping from the municipal police. kazanalleged to have occurred. Long time due to accident [more…]