Izmit Tramway Project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues

Izmit Tramway Project of Kocaeli Büyükşehir continues: Construction of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's İzmit Tram Project continues.

290 days later, in February next year, the tram between the Bus Terminal and Sekapark is expected to start operating. We asked Izmit residents about their tram project once again. Most citizens believe that this project will work.

1-) KATİBE EKŞİ (50-Housewife)
Let the Bars Street be. Tramway Izmit needs a lot “- The construction of the tram project does not affect Izmit negatively. This project is very important in terms of traffic and transportation. Bar Street must be demolished. Bars are not necessary for fun. People can go to the Fair and have fun. Tram is a service for Izmit. Bar Street is not a service. Let the bars root out.

2-) YAHYA AKPINAR (24-Workers)
The right project for Tram Izmit Bar Street should be demolished “- I support the tram project. If Bar Street needs to be demolished due to the tram project, let it be demolished. Bar Street is hurting Izmit. If it collapses, the city will be relieved. After the tram project is completed, I think that both transportation will be relaxed and the tourism potential of the city will increase. "

3-) PEACE IRON (38-worker)
Tramway was needed but there should be a place for bars ”- I believe that the Tramway Project will be beneficial for Izmit. But Bars could be done without collapsing. Or another area could be shown to the Bar Street operators. I don't mind people having their bread. I believe that urban transportation in Izmit, whose population is growing so much, will be relaxed by tram. "

4-) NOLYA OYUK (28-Theatrical)
The tram will be just an ornament “-The train passed through the middle of this city for years. Now, new tracks are being laid for the tram. Kocaeli is also a university city. In Bar Street people serve, money kazanhe was tired. I feel sorry for the people who eat their bread from the fact that Bar Street is being demolished. After the tram works, I think it will remain an ornament for Izmit.”

5-) NURAN ÖZMEN (79-Retired)
I think the Tramway Project will break down in Izmit is unnecessary “- I do not want the roads in the center of Izmit to be damaged. Don't let Bar Street collapse either. Our childhood passed in that region. There are historical streets, historical buildings. I think the tram is unnecessary for Izmit. Izmit will be distorted. The noise will increase. Once the tram starts to work, it will not be of any use to Izmit. "

6-) MUSTAFA ŞENTÜRK (71-Retired)
The route is wrong; 7-8 km tram is useless “- I do not want Bar Street to be demolished because of the tram project. Lots of people eat bread in Bar Street. What will happen from the 7-8 kilometer tram? It will not work for Izmit after the project is over. I think the route is wrong. Projects had to be prepared to reach the upper reaches in Izmit. "

7-) MEHMET ÇIKLA (37-Workers)
The tram will not work. Traffic will be worse. “- I do not find it right to demolish Bar Street because of the tram project. The entertainment industry is also a need. The route determined for the tram is wrong. I don't think there will be any relief in urban transportation. In fact, due to this tram, Izmit city traffic will become even more troublesome. I think a wrong job has been done. "

8-) AZIMM IRONER (58- Workers)
“I believe the tramway project will be good for the people of the city. I also agree with the reaction of the Bar Street shopkeepers. In this way, our lives are reflected, so we screamed. But the tram project is important for this city. So if a few bars are going to fall, let it fall. After the tram has started working, I think Izmit will benefit from it. Tram

9-) AYBARS ÖZMEN (48-Not Working)
Tram solves the problem in Izmit “- The tram project is not today's project. It was also considered during the CHP administration. But there was no money, it could not be done. When the tram is completed, of course, it will bring relief to Izmit's transportation problem. As for the demolition of bars; They tear down bars for religious exploitation. The tramway could be passed elsewhere, without breaking the bars. "

10-) ŞEYMA TURAN (20-Student)
It would have been better if it was built in Umuttepe. “-Tram is necessary and important in terms of transportation in Izmit. The tram runs late at night. But it would be better if permanent residences-Umuttepe area could be reached rather than on this route. I think Bar Street should not be demolished if a new place cannot be shown. There should be a bar environment in a city. Eskişehir is the best example in this respect. "

11-) ESRA TEKİRDAĞ (20-Student)
It's good to go to Sekapark comfortably. ”- I find the tram project very nice. But Barbar Street must not be destroyed. There are people who go to bars and those who do not. We cannot interfere with anyone's sense of entertainment. After the tram starts to work, it will be very easy to reach Sekapark. If he works late at night, we will be able to comfortably return home from Sekapark. I find it very useful in this respect. "

12-) RAHMI DIGITAL (65-Retired)
We will get rid of the torment in the minibus “- I believe the tram project is very necessary and beneficial. In minibuses, people will be saved from being overwhelmed. Of course, a solution must be found to the bar issue. A new controlled Bar Street should be built, with all of them gathered in one area. Tram is a need. Bar Street should also be located in this city.

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