01 Adana

Devlet Bahceli Bridge Law And Legal

Devlet Bahçeli Bridge Compatible with Law and Legislation: The foundation of the foundation is the Ve no project ş regarding the Bahçeli Bridge, and the President of the Department of Science Affairs of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Ragıp Bekaroğlu refuted the allegations. For two years,, Adana Metropolitan Municipality is a [more…]

29 Gumushane

Zigana's New Season Has Arrived First

Zigana's first season of the new season has arrived: Zigana Gümüşkayak Ski Center, which is located in the borders of Torul district of Gümüşhane and which is the only ski resort of the Eastern Black Sea, hosted a thousand people in the winter season and the first group of the spring season came to the region. [more…]

13 Bitlis

Bitlis Skiing in April

Enjoy skiing in April in Bitlis: Turkey's taking place in many parts of the spring season, Bitlis kayaksev are experiencing the joy of skiing in April. Nemrut Crater Lake and Van, which received the “Excellence Award ü for the European Selected Destinations (EDEN) Project [more…]


RayHaber 05.04.2016 Tender Bulletin

DMU modification materials will be purchased (TÜVASAŞ) Kağıthane-Eyüp-Esenler Rail System Project and Consultancy Service Ballast will be purchased Fuel will be purchased Similar Railway News and Other News that may interest youRayHaber 04.01.2016 Tender Bulletin 04 / 01 / 2016 Car rental service [more…]


As if Trambus Marketing Agent

As if Trambus Marketing Agent: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality project as a project, preference, tender, adequacy, suitability, manufacturing phase, testing phase, operation, manufacturing company with all the possibilities of marketing in terms of offering a controversy in terms of the use of [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Selfie view on the bridge

Selfie view on the bridge: It is aimed to open the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and motorways in August. Nowadays the historical Yoros Castle, adjacent to the bridge, has turned into a selfie terrace overlooking the bridge. The public is pleased, but says, ın These beautiful forests don't disappear. the Istanbul [more…]


Destruction begins in the tram crossing route

Destruction started in the tram crossing route: The building of the Telekom Provincial Directorate against the Central Bank started to be demolished by taking security measures within the scope of the tram project. The first demolition of the tram project was carried out to the Türk Telekom building. The devastation that will last about 5 days [more…]