Haydarpaşa Station will be protected in its original form

Haydarpaşa Station will be preserved in its original form: According to the unanimous change in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, the natural structure of the historical station will be protected and there will also be a museum about the history of the railway. Officials say the civil society organizations should be in solidarity against the change of plans.
One of the most important historical cultural values ​​of Istanbul, Haydarpasa Garı joyful decision came from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
According to the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council unanimously, the zoning plans will be revised to protect the historical garage.
With the change of plan, Haydarpasa Train Station will be the first station of High Speed ​​Train and its historical identity will be preserved. The plan will also set up a museum on public green areas and railway history around the station.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Hüseyin Sağ said the objections of Kadıköy Municipality were effective in returning the rent-oriented old plan.
He also stressed the need for solidarity with non-governmental organizations to address changes in the plans to be made later.
Citizens, the protection of the natural structure of the historic station and the public as a green area to open the public is a correct decision, he said.
13 December 2013 has been approved by the change of the plan to allow shopping center and hotel.

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