RTSO's Target Project Samsun-Sarp Railway and Airport

Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry is developing new vision projects after the Ovit Tunnel, which they follow persistently and whose foundation was laid by Prime Minister Erdogan last month. RTSO, its next targets; Construction of Samsun-Sarp railway line, airport to Rize kazandetermined as the solution of tea problems and tea problems.
RTSO sets vision projects
Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry 43. Assembly Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Parliament Speaker Shaban Aziz Karamehmetoglu. Rize Trade and Industry Chamber played an important role in the realization of a hundred-year-old Ovit Tunnel dream. .
Railway and airport on the agenda
After the meeting, RTSO Parliament Speaker Şaban Aziz Karamehmetoğlu said, ın We would like to thank everyone, especially our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who contributed to the Ovit project. After that, the projects we will follow are; Samsun-Sarp railway, Rize Airport and tea were decided to be in the subject. We want Rize to be a new joint target project and to develop projects to solve the problems of tea which is a must. It will be much more effective for the projects to be prepared after the projects that we will prepare will be regional and not to contribute to many cities.
In the forthcoming period, the project was initiated with the Samsun-Sarp railway line for the construction of an airport on the east side of Rize and these ideas were; He said that they wanted to work together with the politicians and the regional actors to make them a target project.
Ovit okay, there's tea

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